Abas Collection

  1. Just checked out their website, and I think the accessories are just gorgeous. Thinking of ordering some myself. Congratulations to the purchases! =)
  2. i sell these at my boutique and they are WONDERFUL. i use the full frame clutch for receipts and my checkbook. you'll be so pleased:tup:
  3. Oh cooool, yes I love the smoothness and how chic it is. When I take it out of my purse people say oh that's niiiice. The aqua is just soooo brilliant. I was wishing that I had ordered the pink but I am satified with this color for now. I may order my mother the yellow. Cinnamon when you order come back and tell me the pieces and color you chose.
  4. Stunning!
  5. once you get one you can't stop!
    i have all navy and grey accessories, but those colors are calling out to me

  6. OMG you're so right I'm thinking pink. Maybe for Xmas, that's a great excuse to splurge.
  7. Oh I will for sure...! I can't stop staring at them. Thinking of buying a nice accessory for my mothers christmas present as well.
  8. Oh - thanks so much for posting this. I have a credit card file I purchased from Nordstoms that I've been looking for a change purse for. I just purchased the change purse from them in the same color. The prices are really reasonable for the quality that you are getting.

  9. Oh I am glad I could be of assistance. I love sharing shopping experiences with other women.
  10. These are very chic. They remind me of what old Hollywood film stars used...
  11. Vintage... do you sell the Croco line and if so which one is more popular the Croco or the montecatini?
  12. I love the croco line!
  13. These are gorgeous; thanks for sharing the brand. I had not known about it.
  14. Abas is great quality for the price. Congrats on your purchases.