Abandoning LV this Spring???

  1. So a lot of people are disappointed...who's jumping ship to another designer this Spring? And which designer has caught your eye?
    I mean we girls/guys gotta get our fix somehow, right?

    I don't think I'll switch over....I'll probably get the Dentelle (maybe) and play catch up on some older LE pieces I still need......but I find myself straying over to Balenciaga and looking at bags LOL
  2. i think i may switch to chanel... but its soo expensive!!!
  3. No way!
    This Spring I am going to work my butt off and start buying more LV from the store!
  4. Im all over the Dentelle...I love some of the Guccis....its just never ends.
  5. Nope - I've got my Mini Pleaty all ready to go for the spring, I'm not so much into the other designers right now...
  6. LV Fan

  7. I had the same assumptions as you before i made the switch over to Chanel, but really it is fairly on par. The way I see it, is you are paying for an actual leather bag, instead of canvas (mon, damier etc) so in my purse obsessed rational, it makes perfect sense! hehe

    If you wanna get on the Chanel bandwagon, I suggest you do it soon, as there is a price hike that is rumored to be around ...*GASP* 18%!!!! :yucky: :cursing:

    On topic...

    I never really an "loyal" to a certain brand, I jump from brand to brand, it really all depends on the style I like at the time. I do however prefer Chanel and LV over the others though. :yes:
  8. I bought a Fendi Spy yesterday. *Hides in shame* Looking to purchase a Chanel Caviar Shopper next.

  9. 18 PERCENT??????
    thats 180 bucks out of a thousand!!!!!!!
    grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. im kinda not the person that pays for my bagsss.
    and im all set to get some lv when report cards come out!!!!!
    i need to convince my mom that a bunch of small acessories that equal the same as 1000 are not as good as a bag that equals it.....
    its just spending so much money all at one time!!!!!!!!
    chanel and lv are my favorites too!
  10. No way I just started my LV addiction and im so enjoying..so yeah im a little disappointed with this collection compared to the recent past (cerises, CB, etc.) but im just starting out with LV so ill get some staple pieces for my collection while I wait for A/W collection :smile:
  11. Bottega Veneta and YSL are my new obsessions, but they'll never take the place of Louis!!!
  12. MIU MIU. I love the new miu miu bags but the price is a bit expensive:hysteric:
  13. I think I'm going to be buying a few small older pieces and doing a Special Order, but mainly I'll be going to shoes and maybe a bag from Dior & Gucci.
  14. I'm going to be catching up on my LE/discontinued collection. I'll get a couple of accessories from the boutique but eh. Nothing I'm DYING to have.
  15. I feel happy with what I have right NOW although no harm to have more red...I try not to go to other forum so I won't start obsessing with other Pfer bags..