abaglover's collection

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  1. I decided to get off my bum and take some pictures :shame: . I also have alot of Lesportsac and Vera Bradley bags, which I know have made it on the "ugliest bags" thread somewhere on this forum :sad: , but I really like them, too, and cycle through them along with my designer bags ...

    Bags shown are in order of left row to right row, from front to back:

    1) LV Damier Brera
    LV Damier Nolita
    LV Damier Sarria Mini
    LV Damier Sarria Horizontal

    2) LV Monogram Speedy 30
    LV Epi Mandarin Alma
    LV Monogram Manhattan GM
    LV wapities - monogram
    - multicolore black
    - multicolore white
    LV Multicolore Black Speedy 30

    3) Kooba Renee whipstitched tote in mocha
    Kooba black Claudia
    Kooba Farrah in mocha

    4) Chloe tan Paddington satchel
    Marc Jacobs Venetia in petal pink
    Marc Jacobs Stam in patent blush
    Marc Jacobs Stella in light taupe
    Marc Jacobs Stella in black

    5) Gap velvet hobo in pink
    Gap velvet hobo in smoke
    Gap trench duffle in pink
    Gap trench duffle in green
    Gap velvet satchel in maroon floral
    Gap velvet satchel in pink
    Gap velvet satchel in smoke

    6) Orla Kiely grey stem tote
    Orla Kiely red-multi shoulder tote
    Picture 001a.jpg Picture 003a.jpg Picture 004a.jpg Picture 005a.jpg Picture 006a.jpg Picture 007a.jpg
  2. Fabulase Collection.
  3. Your Damier collection is hot :heart:
  4. Thanks pursegalor and edsbgrl!!
  5. Oh oh, one more Paddington... :smile: Lucky you!

  6. Nice paddy and MJ Stam.
  7. Thanks, Ronja! I bought my Paddington from bergdorfgoodman.com and it actually came with some minor scratches on the leather. I decided to keep it anyway because the scratches weren't too bad and there were no scratches on the lock. The leather is soo nice!!

    Thanks, fendigal!!
  8. Abaglover, I love......love.....love your collection!!!
    Your MJ bags are TDF! I love Petal Pink Venetia (beautifullllll shade of pink), Blush Stam & Stella. The colors/styles/velvet_material of Gap bags are very nice as well. Love the variety. =)

    As long as you like the bags, it doesn't matter if others think they are ugly. =) Drooling over your bags. So beautiful!!
  9. Awww ... thanks, bag.lover :shame: !! When the petal pink Venetia first came out, I couldn't find it anywhere. Then I dragged my hubby and my son to the San Francisco Marc Jacobs store and there it was, sitting on the shelf. They even had extras in the back! I thought I won the lottery that day :love: !
  10. wonderful collection. i'm loving your damiers :love:
  11. Thanks, atn242!!
  12. hey abaglover
    0o0o0o, totally loving your collection!!! you've got a great selection of bags!!! i'm totally drooling over your LV Manhattan GM!!! 0o00o its so yummy!!! i totally think its cute how you've got all the wapitys!! hehehe!
  13. Thanks so much, helenNZ! I couldn't decide which wapity to get so I got all three :P ! But now I'm using just one -- the monogram. I'm thinking I should cycle through my wapities like I cycle through my handbags :amuse: .
  14. How cute! =) I love petal pink, it's soooo pretty. =)
  15. Gorgeous collection, and I loooove how you have the whole wapity family ! Too cute ! ;)