ABACO Paris - Lovin' My New Yummy Bag!

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  1. ABACO Paris bags are not common, hard to find, and when I finally got the opportunity to see one IRL - I got bit....their lambskin bags are so soft and yummy! The lambskin feel is somewhere in-between Sissi Rossi and Bulga.
    The bag I admired at Bloomies was too big for me, so it didn't make the journey home. Oh well. I started my search.....

    These bags are made in France and they do have this chic, understated look to them. I'm just so thrilled with my new bag and wanted to share my enthusiasm with you and to give you some feedback on ABACO since there is such little information on the Forum about this manufacturer.

    So - how did I find this beauty? On ebay, of course!!!
    Here's a link to the ebay listing for better photos http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=140216013040&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=004
    (courtesy of Styledose - great seller!) along with my photos.

    I am just LOVIN' :heart: this bag - I love the way it looks, I love the way it feels, I love how comfortable it is to wear and to use - - what more can you ask for! :tup:

    ("sh t"....I wish I knew how to insert photos and then text, pls. bear w/me!)

    So, forgive me for this dry and technical information, but hey - some of us like these details, so here I go:

    I have no clue about the production year of this bag - but I think it's at least a year old. The bag weights under two pounds and is lined in a black, sturdy cloth with ABACO imprinted. There is a zippered compartment and a cell phone pouch. Though it is deep and black inside, I'm amazed at how easy it has been to find/access my stuff. There are two capacious pockets on the outside/front with cool lookin' hardware along with two gussetted pockets on the sides - plenty of room for sunglasses, etc. These pockets are SO helpful and easy to use.

    The shoulder strap is comfortable, the bag doesn't slip off and I like how they designed the strap: not as wide when its on top of your shoulder and than gradually gets thicker. The shoulder drop is generous and I like how there is an additional strap that is removable on the side of the bag - just in case you need a longer strap AND you can use this in tandem with the top strap to make a "backpack" look to this purse! Groovy!!!

    As for the construction - EXTREMELY good quality. There are lots of gathers on this bag, and the folds are done with great care and precision. To give a "boho" feel, there's fringe that hangs off the bag in three areas - front and back, a semi-drawstring feature on the sides, more for aesthetic appeal than function, the magnetic closure is secure and easy to use and the quality of hardware, top notch. Just as a reference, it beats Bulga bags, hands down! Oh yes, I should somehow "qualify" how I measure quality: my "best" bags are Mulberry, a Jimmy Choo, Costume National and Etro. IMO - all of these guys use top of the line hardware, they sew their seams with great care and precision, select superior leathers and generally just finish off their purse designs with an eye to detail. This ABACO bag is just a notch below this. Retail price of this bag was $605.00. My accepted offer for the bag was $280.00

    Name: Phenix/Glovy Black Lamb Skin
    Size: approx. 15"x15", gussetted bottom - to 5" wide

    Photo reference: I'm short (less than 5 feet - no laughing!)

    Here she is (finally....):

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  2. ooohhh lovely!

    (p.s. love your bedroom!!! very chic!!!)
  3. That is one nice bag!

    People slam ebay but it is a good place to look for stuff and you made a great deal--enjoy!!

  4. I know, some people have terrible experiences on ebay, but I've had some fabulous experiences and GREAT buys - like this one.

    Believe it or not, there's a current listing on ebay for this exact bag, but in grey....used condition, but it still looks awesome!
  5. EEK! I'm scurrying off to have a peek! i'm an ABACO believer after reading this post.

    dc babe, this bag looks POSH on you! beautiful hardware and a luxe look. it's rare that a casual hobo shape looks so grand. as you might expect, i think i am most in love with the tassle fringe thingies. i want to come pet it :shame:
  6. jandelvis -
    wow, you made it through my "l o n g" discourse, and IMO - the purse is just a great catch! you hit it on the head - casual hobo w/panache.

    come over anytime and "pet away"......

    so - did you succumb at the HH sample sale?????
  7. Congrats!
  8. I love the slouchiness of that bag, looks great on you! I agree that your room is very chic too :P
  9. I like it! congrats!
  10. Beautiful bag! Love your room and boots too! :tup: Off to check out the one on ebay.
  11. IF someone gets the grey colored bag on ebay - you gotta let me know!

    And thanks everyone for the kind comments on my room.....I'm :blush: !
  12. Great bag and perfect for your look as seen in pics. And yes, eBay gets a bad press but you can find lots of great deals there as you did. I thought the seller of your bag seemed very helpful and provided an extremely comprehensive listing. What more would you need to know? Enjoy your lovely bag!

  13. Ummm... i did, though it wasn't something on my hit list going into the sale, it was a bag that caught my eye a while bacK:


    yessirree, i wish treesrgreen was here b/c she is my partner in buying 'weird/funky/experimental HH bags' :woohoo:

    i LOVE the print so much... why get it as a liner (a la Pastis) when you get get a whole freaking loud bag made out of it :roflmfao:?

    it arrives tomorrow if UPS does right by me!

    btw - STILL no velvetine :sad:
  14. DcBlam-Love the purse and love the dog in your avatar. Is he/she an Australian Cattle Dog/Heeler? I had one in college and it was the smartest dog I have ever had, almost to a point where it was freaky.
  15. I have an Abaco in yummy soft brown similar in style to yours....called the blummy...I am at work, I will have to post photos tomorrow. I LOVE mine....purchased at a great boutique in Santa Barbara last summer.
    I am definiitely a fan of Abaco....and I agree it is such a comfortable bag on the shoulder, even full...