Abaco Handbags in Lucky Mag...where do they sell

  1. In this months Lucky, there is a great bag by Abaco, named Princesse Goat. It says you can buy it at Bloomingdales, have you seen it anywhere else? I know The Purse Store carries it in black. I am looking for a different color. It seems like Abaco does not have a Web site.
  2. doh! never mind, saw you didn't want the black one. I think Adasa.com also carries them.
  3. Ive only seen them at bloomies in NYC. I know they have a store in Paris, too. Did you try emailing the company?
  4. Adasa.com has them and also sells them through Amazon.com. Ocaba bags -- Abaco spelled backwards -- and are made by the same company and sometimes show up on eBay. I think Ocabas are like Longchamps Le Pliage.
  5. I've seen them in Bloomingdales, recently on the sale table as well...
  6. I just saw this bag yeserday IRL in NYC at verve, in soho. Its an attractive bag, but very heavy and the flap/zip opening is kind of fussy, IMO
  7. i bought my two abacos from this london website...

    the exchange rate kills you! but these were on sale, so it was kind of like paying full price.

    the shipping was SUPER FAST!!!


  8. Kate Boutique carries the Abaco line.

  9. They carry them at Calypso St. Barths in Dallas(the Plaza at Preston Center). Probably at other Calypso's as well.
  10. I saw a few Abaco's at TJM today.
  11. eBay has a nice selection.
  12. ideeli.com is having their Abaco sale right now. The Laguna metallic bag is $240, originally $725.
  13. i just bought a nice brown bag from eBay france... most of my stuffs(for the past few weeks) are from ebay france :yahoo:
    longchamp, comptoir and aridza to name a few...