Aaron Carter Jailed in Texas after Drug Arrest!

  1. Pop singer Aaron Carter was arrested for investigation of marijuana possession Thursday after he was pulled over for speeding in Texas, authorities said.

    Carter, 20, the younger brother of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, was in jail in Junction, Texas, awaiting a Friday morning appearance before a magistrate, Kimble County Sheriff Mike Chapman tells PEOPLE.

    Carter's Cadillac Escalade was pulled over for speeding in Junction at about noon on Thursday, said Chapman.

    Officers found less than 2 oz. of marijuana, the sheriff said. There was nobody else in the car.

    His arrest was first reported by TMZ.com.
  2. Aaron Carter Busted with a Lot of Pot
    Posted Feb 21st 2008 9:44PM by TMZ Staff
    [​IMG]Nick Carter's baby bro, Aaron, was busted earlier today in Kimble County, Texas with over two ounces of marijuana!

    TMZ has confirmed Aaron was pulled over on I-10 earlier today for speeding -- and when authorities decided to search his vehicle, they found at least two ounces of pot!

    Aaron, 20, is currently in jail until tomorrow, when a judge will be present for his arraignment.
  3. At least it's not coke or heroin, or something.

    But shame on you, Aaron, for driving with it!
  4. for some reason i am not surprised at all

    nick had drug issues
    if you ever caught that show they had something carters
    they have no parents around they have kind of raised each other and are a bit wild (show was quite entertaining haha)
    but yea im not surprised :sad: sad tho
  5. he's already here to see a judge. . .
    what a dumba$$! LOL!
  6. yet another shocker.

  7. hahahahahahahaha:p
  8. Meh...it's just pot.

    It could be WAY worse!!
  9. I used to love AC lol
  10. Another child star down the tubes...
  11. House of Carters hahah I loved that show.
  12. It's still illegal though.
  13. ^^ ya, this doesn't make it better, huh?
  14. When someone is caught robbing a bank, no one would say "well, it's not as bad as raping and killing". Okay, that example is too far off....but comparing crimes is sort of pointless.
  15. ^ ITA. its not something to be proud of.