AARGH!! Mid-Aft, Guccissima or Gaucho?


Which dark red bag?

  1. Bbag Mid Afternoon Tote

  2. Guccissima Bouvier Hobo

  3. Dior Gaucho Tote

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  1. I need a classy NOT trendy, sassy and NOT boring dark red bag!

    :shrugs: So I'm asking you lovely diehard bbag gals for your votes on each of these bags plus your *honest* opinions! THANKS!!!

    1. Bordeaux/Grenat Balenciaga Mid-Afternoon - Diabro $926
    2. Bordeaux Guccissima Bouvier - Bluefly $771
    3. Wine Dior Gaucho - Diabro $841
  2. Grenat is the most versitile red bag I have ever owned. And although I think the other two are cute, I also think that they fall firmly into the "trendy" category. The Mid-Afternoon is for sure the most sophisticated and timeless looking of the three.
  3. Thanks! Here are PICS:
    mid-aft 1.jpg gucci bordeaux guccissima hobo.jpg gaucho-tote 1.jpg
  4. To be completely honest, I have the Guccissima Bouvier and I love it :heart: I've also bought and returned a Mid-Afternoon. The Bouvier is classier, IMHO... Errr, no stone throwing, please :smile:
  5. Seeing them side by side that way, I might change my vote to the Bouvier as well...

  6. Thanks for the honesty! The gucci's arriving today but I was drawn to the bbag and dior on Diabro, which doesn't accept returns. Can't wait to see what others say...
  7. Thanks Cheshire Cat!!
  8. I went for the bbag even though the mid-aft is not my favorite style but that gucci is quite a looker!!!! I might be willing to jump the bal ship for that baby. I love the dior but I think it will look really silly in a few years.
  9. Actually, have you looked into Jimmy Choo Ramona or Riki in burgundy (it's a dark red)? Very classy, not trendy and def. not boring:smile:
  10. I vote for the Gucci. I personally don't care for the Mid-Afternoon style. The Dior is way too trendy, although I love it.
  11. I like the Dior, but voted for the Mid-Afternoon. I love grenat! I think the Dior Gauchos will be outdated soon.
  12. My choice will be to bbag grenat mid-afternoon which i think is the most versatile style and color.....it's my fav color as well as it looks very similar to my beloved bordeaux.....:smile:
  13. I've always liked the Gaucho bag, but who's to say it won't look trendy in a few years? So I voted for the Dior.