aargh! back orders!!! hayden-harnett

  1. anyone else waiting for the hh mercer satchel in luggage? i've been waiting over a month now! :Push: i almost feel like giving up, but i want it so bad AND i feel like i've waited so long already i don't want it to be for nothing.

    sorry for ranting, feelng a tad impatient!:hrmm:
  2. This is terrible, another member just posted a problem with this manufacturer. They really need to have better customer service.
  3. i'm actually ordering it through blondette. don't know why the luggage ones are taking so long to get it. blondette fwds me the e-mails they send to hh and back and it just seems like none have arrived from the "factories" or whatever. totally out of anybody's control, which is frustrating cuz there isn't even anyone to get mad at! lol