AAOOOO! My Gauffre is here!!!

  1. Dang, what a great delivery to come home to after a week out of town!

    I am so in love with it I just want to snuggle with it at night!! :drool:

    Thanks to all for your inspiration on this one...:yahoo:

    OK, one note for those considering getting one: first of all, go for it! Second, do NOT fill it with super heavy things. The shoulder strap is rounded and, at least for me, digs into my arm/shoulder a little too much when I had a large water bottle and book.

    woo hooooooooooo! :drool:
    Gauffre 001.jpg Gauffre 002.jpg
  2. WOOHOO!!!!!!
    Congrats! Loves it!
  3. Congrats Pursegrrl!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy enjoy Enjoy!!!!!! It's beautiful! Love your gauffre!:yes:
  4. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  5. ^^ thank you all so much!! I'm bawling like a baby here...so happy!! (OK not really but I am deeply moved.) :cutesy:
  6. A BEAUTY! Enjoy it!!
  7. Lovely bag, congrats!
  8. Gorgeous - congrats:smile:
  9. I just love these!!! Congrats!!! She's lovely!!!
  10. It's beautiful!! Congrats!
  11. I have this in cera and love it! Enjoy it!!!
  12. It is gorgeous! I just tried it on today at Neiman Marcus and love it! Congrats!
  13. Congrats- very stunning!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's beautiful! I don't blame you for wanting to snuggle it at night! :smile:
  15. I love this style! It looks gorgeous.