AANETA - Luv this bag - Anyone know more?

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  1. I love this bag from Aaneta that Kate Walsh is carrying. And for $450 it looks pretty nice! Does anyone know anything about Aaneta bags? Is the leather soft? Good quality? What's the lining like? How well do they hold up?
  2. I have a few Aaneta bags; love them. Great leather for the price, and they hold up just great, even in rain.
    This bag is called Poqueta, and it is available at aaneta.com for $459....the color range is fantastic too. Go for it, you won't regret it! Now you have ME looking at Aaneta again - WOW look at their fall collection, some gorgeous bags!
  3. I actually found that bag at Couture Candy, and decided it's a little too big (I don't like wide bags like that). But I did find this one that I like a LOT better - it's called the "Amuleto" and I like everything about this bag - the color, the style, the double handles/shoulder strap. I know it's large too, but it's got more height, which I don't mind:


    Is the leather really really soft? Is it thick or thin? Can you think of another designer to compare it to?
  4. Those bags look good but they're GINORMOUS. Even the "small" ones are huge. I like them but I can't get into carrying a bag the size of a small suitcase.
  5. OMG I never new of this brand. I love what I see so far. where can they be purchased?
  6. Gorgeous, but like someone else mentioned, also very huge. Even the small ones are pretty hefty in size. But they have deliciously vibrant colors and I love their Venus bag.

    They're pretty hard to find, but here are some different e-tailers that carry them:

    http://www.aaneta.com/shop/shopaaneta.php (official site)

    Post pics if you do decide to get a bag!
  7. I wonder if you use the shoulder strap on the Amuleto, if the top of the bag folds down like the Anna Corrina bags do?? The leather would have to be soft enough for that to happen. Does anyone know about the quality of leather used on Aaneta bags?
  8. Just curious... are these bags heavy in general?
    If they are so big they are pretty heavy are they?
  9. I think the leather varies...I have one from a few seasons ago (the Ceres or Olga in Esmerelda- pic below) and it's really soft- not Balenciaga or even Bulga/Gustto soft, but probably comparable to Rebecca Minkoff. However, I felt a Cleopatra a while back in Nordies & the leather was not as soft. Sorry...not much help I guess, but I do love the bag Kate Walsh is carrying!!!
  10. Forgot to add that this one is not hugely big (is about Bal city size) and not heavy at all :smile:
  11. I was really into getting the Cleopatra a few months back (the one Rachel Bilson carried for a while), and the leather was very nice on all the ones I felt. Never ended up getting it though...:sad:
  12. I bought the Amuleto from Couture Candy. It wasn't what I was expecting. Unfortunately, I found out that Couture Candy does not accept any returns on bags. Well, that's $450 down the hole.

    A warning to all of you...STAY AWAY FROM COUTURE CANDY!!!
  13. Wow! Thanks for the warning. I"ll have to see if I can find a retail store that sells these bags. Every once in a while, I've gone back & looked at that bag (the "Amuleta") and have been tempted to buy it. Is the no return policy listed on their site somewhere? That really blows - especially for an online store. I think returns should be mandatory because you're buying something purely by pics only - what would happen if the bag were damaged? Or maybe you learn it's much too large, or heavy? I cannot comprehend a Final Sale policy for online shops. That's just wrong!
  14. Courtney - I can't send you a PM cuz you're a new member (you need to be a member for 5 days & have 5 posts) - I tried to email you, but maybe your email address isn't available (is this a new member rule too?) - If you can, send me an email, please about your bag.
  15. I just found another site that sells Aaneta bags online, and it clearly states that "This item may be returned for a full refund." In addition, they offer 10% off your first purchase!!! Music to my ears!!!