Aaneta large Cleopatra

  1. Does anyone have one who can tell me how wide it is at the opening? I'm really tempted by this bag, especially in the petroleo (slate) color. Has anyone seen any good deals on it, either new or used? Shopintuition has it, but I've heard terrible things about their cs. It's also on Daszign/couturecandy, but I can't find a code for them right now, it's final sale, and it takes 3 weeks. I haven't seen any on eBay.


  2. that looks gorgeous! and huge. No website has listed its dimensions?
  3. I have two aaneta cleopatras--one big and one small-- and I LOVE them! The leather is to die for and the shape is just SO functional! The dimensions of the large Cleopatra (according to bagsbuy.com) are 16 x 16.5. The opening at the top is smaller than the bottom. I would say that it is about a foot when you open it up. I found one on sale at bagsbuy.com in a brown color. Hope this helps!
  4. Just note that you have to unclip it each time you open the bag.
  5. no, you just lift the flap up. the clip is sewn on and is just there for the design. the flap has a magnet closure.
  6. I just got one in slate grey and I looooove it!