Aaneta Discount Code Anyone??

  1. Hello,

    I've been eyeing this Aaneta bag on their website. On top of their site, they claim that there's a 25% discount "as seen on Luckymag.com". When I click on it, I"m suppose to enter a promo code. Does anyone know what this code:confused1: is??

  2. im totally with you on this one! I have been wanting to order from them 4 4ever but dont know the code...i looked at luckymag.com and couldnt figure out anything either....anybody else know????
  3. It's lucky1. I think it was in the August Lucky, but still works. However, it only seems to work on one particular style, despite the fact that a list of colors eligibe for the Lucky discount is appears when you click on each style, it seems to only apply to the Sandy.
  4. Then I would contact Aaneta and ask them to honor it...
  5. I have also been trying to order from them for ages. I emailed them about the code but they have'nt responded so now I am a bit weary if they won't honour their committment.:tdown::tdown:
  6. Any updates on this?