aaneta.com 25% off

  1. 25% off aaneta.com with the code: "lucky1"

    I'm not familiar with their bags but some of the bags look cute. feel free to share your experiences!

  2. The Aaneta bags I purchased at the beginning of the year were quite nice...really soft leather. I sold them on eBay because I had bought so many bags at that time that I knew I wouldn't carry them all. In addition, they were a bit smaller than the size bag I generally carry.
  3. I love some of their designs, but the code only gives you 25% of one style only. I am looking to buy "The Rock" does anyone have a code for that? I really appreciate any help.:wlae:
  4. Princess Bella Mia has two Aaneta bags (both ruby color) for $100 each. They had more couple days ago but I only saw two today.
    They also have two Alexis Hudson bags for $100 each. :tup:
  5. :yahoo:Thank you, Thank you I will look straight away.
  6. I'm not sure how you determined that; when I click on most of the bags, the code will apply..but only to certain colors.
    Some nice fall bags on their site...
  7. DIAMONDGIRL thanks for responding, I just tried again, the site takes you to another bag after you put the code in. Not the "The Rock" which I am after. I wished the code worked for all of them.
  8. I just thought I see if anyone has any codes for aaneta, I am after the "Rock" and this code "lucky1" does not work for it. Any help would be great.