Aaneta added to clearance at fashion boutique

  1. 70% off discount applies to Aaneta also - I just got the Cleopatra bag in sand for $84, free shipping too!
  2. God, how I wish you had not posted this!!! This morning I purchased an Anna Corinna from Plaza Too, and swore that I wouldn't buy ANYTHING else!! Now....I just bought the Aaneta Nefertari and Aaneta Elizabeth bags. The total for both was only $153.60!! This is unbelievable. No More!! I just went to CompUSA and bought a new computer, so hopefully while I am disconnecting this one and moving it upstairs, I will be able to distance myself from any further temptation.
  3. i don't think i understand - is this a website?
  4. It's payback for all the deals YOU keep posting and making ME lose control! Hehe! By the way I really really like both those bags, I just didn't need another brown bag or the white. Hope you enjoy and get as great customer service as I do when I buy from this site.
  5. Hi DiamondGirl1---can't talk cause I am installing a new computer and just had to log on. I will comment later!
  6. You lucky girl...you must have gotten the last one. I was hoping to find a Cleopatra but these isn't one. Thanks for posting, though.
  8. I Also Never Got A Confirmation Email But I See It On The Site....????!!!
  9. The ad says the sale is good until 2-4-2007, but the coupon still worked for me. Did anyone else buy something from them today?
  10. You will get a Click Ship Notification from USPS that it's shipped. I hope you like your bag, I really like Aaneta. Nice quality for the price, especially THIS price. :yes:
  11. I'm going to have to check this site out:yes:
  12. Hi DiamondGirl1, I am curious whether or not you liked your Aaneta bag? I received mined several days ago, but I did not like either or them!! Out of all the bags I have bought over the last two months, these are two of the three that I did not like at all! Problem is, they are non-returnable, so I am stuck! I have had some minor surgery, so I have been away from the computer for about a week, and did not even open the box until today. I wish I did not hate selling on eBay so much or I would sell them in a heartbeat!! I bought the Aaneta Nefertari and Aaneta Elizabeth bags. I guess they are cute, but they are definitely NOT ME!!
  13. ^I was a little disappointed with my Jenna bag by Sheri Wolf, but as you said, the sale bags are non-returnable. It's an OK bag, considering it was 70% off. I hope to compare it to other SW bags, if I ever see one IRL. That's what I get for buying on impulse!
  14. Ditto!! Impulse buying seems never to work for me, but for some reason, I continue this bad habit. Oh well, I am sure I will be able to sell them to someone who likes the style and size. The price is definitely a plus. In the future, I am going to try to stick with brands that I have purchased before and that I am fond of. I have this really bad habit of buying things just because they are on sale at a great price. From what I have read on this forum, I am not alone!!! Maybe if it were legal, we could start trading amongst ourselves.