aah decisions decisions!

  1. So they called.. today! there's an azur speedy 25 waiting for me. I asked for one a couple of months ago but during these months I started liking the 30 too (more)
    I just don't know! I never saw one of those in real live. :shrugs: Im very big (height lol, don't know how to put this exactly) but not really a huge purse lady.

    What shoud I do what should I do?? They can order a 30 for me but that will take weeks, months and I've allready waited for zo long :crybaby:

    I also started to like the batignolles and speedy mini lin but i wont make it too difficult! :shame:

    Please help me! If anyone has a pic modeling one of the twoo speedys feel free to post, it would help a lot!
  2. Get the bag that you want. If you aren't sure then you should venture to the store, if you can, to try on the Speedy 25. If it works for you then buy it. If not, order the 30. :yes: I think the 30 would be better for you but then it's a personal decision. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I love how the azur looks in the 25. something about the lighter color of the bag makes the bag look a little bigger to me than the brown damier. I have the azur 30 and the reg damier 30. I really wish I had gotten the 25 in the azur, but my husband bought it for me as a gift, and he assumed I wanted the 30. You can always go look at the 25 before you buy, right? If I could exchange mine for a 25 I would. Just because I think it looks better a tad bit smaller.
  4. Yes, I will go look but I wanted to hear everyones opinion here before i go :smile:
  5. i prefer 30 over 25...sometimes a 25 reminds me of a lunchbox...but i've never really seen a real one IRL...one time I saw what looked like a speedy 25 but not sure if it was real or not...

    but then again, looking at azur speedy pics, they all look bigger than mono..like azur 30 looks like 35....but it could just be my eyes.

    if you can see it in a boutique I think you'll have a better chance knowing.My advice is if you get to the boutique and don't feel the 25 is right for you, wait for the 30!
  6. Go try it - you might LOVE it in person.

    A handbag in the hand is better than one months off (well, something like that anyway)
  7. thanks for the answers

    I told my dad about it (why did i do that anyway :shrugs: ) and all he could say was: 'Why buy a real one if you can get fakes all around!?'
    Ugh, guess he won't share my purse-love

  8. Arrrgh it's so frustrating when those around you have that attitude. Sorry.

  9. I'd try the 25 on and see if you love it. If you don't then order the 30. Even though you'd have to wait, it'd be worth it.
  10. Get the 25, its so cute !
  11. *sigh* Sorry you got a response like that from your dad.

    I would go for the 30... it's so roomy! 25 is too small, IMO.
  12. I just received mine last night. The Fedex guy handed the box to my husband (who had no idea I ordered another bag) Bad timing, I guess. I was cleaning up after my horse after getting out of work. Anyway, it's the Speedy 25 (Azur) and it seems kind of small. I'll ask my neighbor what she thinks tonight. The date code on the bag actually shows Feb 07?? Huh. It is cute, though. BTW, DH is ok and got over it.
  13. I say try the 25 on in real life and think from there.
  14. Get the 30, sounds like that's the one you wanted. If you get the 25 you will probably regret it.
  15. For me, 25 is cute and 30 is roomy. I love the size of mini lin. But for Azur I prefer it in 25. It depends on which size you prefer. Try 25 and if you don't like it, I think it is worth waiting for 30.:smile: