AAGH - Post Office can't deliver my Bearn!!!

  1. I'm sooo mad! I bought a Bearn b-fold wallet as my first Hermes leather item, and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday... only when I check the tracking, it says that it can't be delivered due to an "incomplete address" and they're sending it back!!

    WTF?? I double checked the shipping address, and it's my exact address! Unless something got cut off for some reason? So my Bearn is sitting at a depot in my city, having come all the way from the US, and the CS guy at the post office tells me he can't tell me where exactly it is in the depot so there's no way I can pick it up since it's marked as return to sender now!!

    Grrrr... I can't believe this is happening to my pretty wallet!! Just needed to vent... :rant:
  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this Tweetie!!! :sad:
  3. awww... that must feel horrible.
    Don't worry you two will be reunited soon!!!!
  4. Hi Tweetie,

    That happened to me with an item I was shipping to someone else; I got the exact same message when I tracked it on USPS. I freaked out b/c I had the complete information on the address line so I expected the package to come back to me and e-mailed an apologetic e-mail to my buyer, but then a day or two later, she received it! So it's highly possible that it may get to you sooner than you think! Keep us posted!
  5. tweetie I am sorry about that! It is really tough when you are truly waiting for something...that anticipation can kill and this is so frustrating! It will get to you eventually.
  6. That is awful! I'm so sorry!
  7. orchids - I hope you're right!

    I suppose the worst case scenario is that it has to get re-shipped out again which will take a couple of weeks back to and from the US, but I still can't figure out what would have happened to my shipping address?!

    I'm anxiously awaiting my new treat... keep your fingers crossed everyone!
  8. I'm sorry to hear about this mess, tweetie. But orchids is right. I've read about this happening before and the buyers got their package the very next day or two. Not sure why this happens but must be some glitchy computer error that spits out the "incomplete address" nonsense. Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed for you that this is exactly the case and you'll get your Bearn wallet soon!:flowers:
  9. What a pain, I am so sorry. I hate when you're so excited and waiting and waiting...then something happens in the shipping!

    Hope it gets to you soon!
  10. Tweetie, don't be discouraged yet. I had a similar incident where the tracking says item cannot be delivered due to incomplete address, and then it showed that the item is being returned, and then it actually went to one of the other post office location, THEN it got re-directed, and THEN it got delivered! So, it IS possible that your goody will still get to you.
  11. I hate the postal service worldwide ...after my scare with my ups with my jpg birkin but as you will find out anything to do with hermes is worth the wait...!!:smile: