AAGGDAHH! I just spent $2k on eLux...

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  1. This is continued from RileyGirl's thread.

    SHE just TALKED ME INTO a Fushia Baggy GM.

    OMG. I got the Rivets bag less than a week ago.

    And, since the Baggy was in my shopping cart... I couldn't resist adding a 4-key holder in Pomme (I blame another tPFer for that)... and the cute little denim Speedy case GM thingie... my Baggy will need a friend.

    Enablers, I need you to give me a big hug right now. My BF might kill me...

    I definitely need a hug.
  2. *hug*
    Congrats, I'm sure you'll love your stuff!
  3. A big hug to you! But when you get the things you will love it even more! lol!
  4. ~*((HUGS))*~
    You will absolutely LOVE your Denim Baggy GM!
  5. :heart:
  6. HUUUUGG! Can´t wait for pics!
  7. AAACK! I am to blame. Sorry. Big hug to you my LV sista! You're gonna rock those bags. Can't wait to see em!
  8. I thought Elux does not ship to Hawaii??????
  9. You're on a roll...congrats!
  10. Had them shipped to my BF in Cali... he'll bring them on 2/23 when he comes to visit me! :love:
  11. Now I'm too pumped to sleep. Back to statistics.
  12. haha- I was thinking the same thing! Hope your BF doesn't see the receipt! :roflmfao: btw, why did you buy on elux? Prices are lower in Hawaii plus elux charges full tax on CA residents.
  13. Haven't seen the fushia here.
    And I'm too lazy to go to Ala Moana (it's like an hour away).
    And RileyGirl pressured me into it.
  14. haha....congrats is all i can say!! :smile:
  15. Copied from my post in Rileygirl's thread:

    Originally Posted by kinkylala85 [​IMG]
    I just ordered the Baggy GM in Fushia.
    And the 4-key holder in Pomme.
    And the Speedy Case GM.

    My BF is going to kill me. With his bare hands.

    OMG!!!! :roflmfao: I leave you guys alone for an hour and look what I missed!!! Too freakin' funny!! You guys are a RIOT!!! :roflmfao:

    CONGRATS GIRL ON ALL YOUR PURCHASES!!!! Oh yeah, and BAGGY GM's ROCK!!!! :yahoo:

    Your elux dilemma (OMG OMG OMG) is exactly how I felt at LV the day I got mine -- it was a total surprise that they had a green one in stock!!! And I was like this: :sweatdrop: (OMG, OMG SHOULD I, SHOULD I?)

    * * *

    :kiss: Here's a BIG HUG!!!