AAFES stock selling out- will they stop selling Coach?

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  1. It used to be that there were like four pages of Coach stuff on AAFES. Now there is 2 pages and half of that or more is full of watches. It seems like they are phasing out of selling Coach. Has anyone heard anything?
  2. I don't beleive so - just the inventory that they have has been selling. I was in the PX this weekend and there were plenty I even spotted two count em two inlaid peyton bags. So I wouldn't worry probably just trying to catch up with the new demand.
  3. I've noticed it too -- I'm on the AAFES website daily lol ... I've noticed they had been adding new bags ever-so-often but it seems to have stopped lately. Maybe they are trying to get rid of what they have before they bring anything new in? I got so happy this week when I logged on & saw a Zoe - ordered it - and it was the antiqued gold - NOT the black that they have in the pic - am a little upset about that but I was too excited & didn't pay attention :sad:
  4. I noticed that too and when I was at the PX noticed that they had several copper small Zoes - they must have gotten a bag order from somewhere.
  5. I've been wondering the same thing. I also log in every day to see what's new, hehehe. I did snag the black Zoe, I think it was the day before yesterday. I saw it back on the site and almost passed out, so I got one! Today I noticed they're only available in Gold now. :sad: As long as they have a decent selection at my 2 favorite BXs, I guess I can live with a dwindling, sucky selection online. :biggrin:
  6. AAFES.com has no bareing on what the PX BX. NEX etc sells. The online site never gets everything they do in store. Usually just what is in the catalouge, which is also not everything the stores get. They only stop selling stuff if it doesnt sell well. Like they stopped selling Micheal Kors because no one was buying it.
  7. Off-topic - but am I to assume that one cannot shop on AAFES without being part of the military?
  8. No you have to be military, but your not missing anything believe me lol
  9. Yeah that's what I was asking. Sorry if I worded it wrong:biggrin:
  10. You don't HAVE to be in the military, there are a few other ways to be eligible to order from AAFES...
    You can be a dependent of someone who serves or has retired from the military (child, spouse, etc).
    Or, if you work for the Dept. of Defense or Dept. of Veterans Affairs you are also eligible to order from the Aafes website or catalog.

    But as far as their stock level goes it definitely has declined recently. I'm really hoping it goes back up soon because my closest PX is at least an hour away (Ft Knox) and their PX really isn't that big anyway.
  11. I completely agree about the website. I keep looking on there and also saw the zoe and got excited until I saw it wasn't available in black. I am going to our MCX today and am gonna look at what all they have in. Probably not alot because yesterday was family day and people seem to get their new Marine's to buy them one. It is just disappointing the website is just mainly all watches.
  12. I liked AAFES because they were getting newer Coach in before my NEX and a lot of times they had completely different stuff than my NEX. My NEX has always had MUCH more than online, but now it is just crazy because AAFES pretty much has nothing :sad:
  13. Also it isnt AAFES that stocks Coach, its a separate "vendor" So it depends on what the buyer is getting, its not really up to AAFES
  14. Ive been stalking the page as well and i remember when it went from 33 items to now 14. but i just went on base today and they had a new supply of poppys and classics. Dooney and bourke seems to be in full supply on the aafes site. If i buy any from them I'll just go to the px.
  15. I've noticed the AAFES website is down to one Coach bag & two wallets but several watches. Whats up with that?