Aaaw, my mom bought me my first Hermes scarf!!

  1. I had an operation today on my left eye and came back home a few hours ago. My parents are in Dusseldorf on a weekend vacation and she just called from Hermes that she bought me the new vintage re-edition scarf 'Kelly in Caleche' in the pink!! She is tooo sweeet!! my very first brand new Hermes scarf!! Not a passed-down scarf either!!

    Hopefully I can get it monday, when "hubby" (we arent married, but are living together) gets to work and can swing by them to get it!!

    I hope she gets that little box with the scarf cards with it, so I can see all the tricks!
  2. how sweet!!!!!!! congrats and i hope you are on the mend, enjoy your new scarf!
  3. Congrats and get well soon!
    If you didn't get the little book, you can download it from the site, it's called 'playtime with your scarf'.
  4. Thank you for the link!!!
  5. How sweet. That's a beautiful scarf, probably my favorite of all the vintage designs.
  6. Nice. Feel better!
  7. oh yay!!! a lovely scarf too!!! i hope you feel better!!
  8. Gosh, doesn't that make you feel better already? It's a really pretty scarf too.

    Enjoy it, and speedy recovery.
  9. Hope your eye heals fast! What a great mama you have, she has great taste!!
  10. Thanks all!! It is a gorgeus scarf, I actually bought the same scarf for her in the black and gold combo when I was in Avignon a little over a week ago. I REALLY wanted the scarf for myself in the brown and orange combo, but that was sold out in Dusseldorf.

    She is THE best mom ever, she allways brings me a goodie when they are out travelling, sometimes it is small sometimes it is big! (she bought me a Vuitton suitcase once :biggrin: )

    She actually got the cards with the scarf, so I can see all the tricks. this year they dont make a book, but small cards in a box.
  11. Congrats on the new scarf Mia!!!
    I hope your eye recuperates well from the surgery. A new scarf was such a sweet thing for your mom to do :smile:
  12. Congrats. Looking forward to seeing some pictures. Hope you are feeling better.
  13. Awww - that is so sweet! I :heart: Moms!

    Hope you're feeling better and the operation was not too serious? I am sure a lovely gift like this from Mom will help speed up the recovery process!
  14. Thanks Authenticlux - no, it wasnt a serious operation, only a corrective one. My left eyelid has allways been very droopy and has blocked my vision sometimes when I was tired.. Hopefully it will heal up perfectly this time. first time ended up very very similiar as the look before the first surgery, because the doc didn't want to take too much off (which is good - I dont wanna end up with a psycho staring eye LOL)
  15. Good to hear! I hope the result is much more successful this time. Even when small, surgeries do take a toll. Make sure that man of yours takes wonderful care of you!:yes: