1. Ok, last night I posted that my skin was acting up. I managed to get everything pretty much covered for the big Easter Sunday events at church, which included shameless flirting with the pastors son and shooting him the look of death when he said he'd name his son Tupac (long story, a friend's sister named her new son John Michael after John Michael Montgomery), and then after church our neighbors had this big Easter feast. So we went over to their house and ate and watched 3 movies...I slept through 2 of them. I get home and settle in to watch The Tudors on Showtime and my hand brushed across my chin and I see that I have 4, 1,2,3, FOUR monsterous zits on my chin! The really painful kind. I wanna cry when I accidently touch them.

    I've had my chin packed in ice since I got home at 8:30 and I can't say that they've gone down any.....

    *cries* What am I gonna do!?

    I have to go to the Chiropractor tomorrow and it would help if he wasn't gorgeous! Oh well...I guess I'll just pile on the makeup and hope that God had pity on me.

    *cries more*
  2. I usually put on heat instead of ice...and then benzoyl peroxide overnight. I hope they clear up for you soon, I hate when my skin breaks out at the most inappropriate times!
  3. And it always ends up being the inappropriate times, doesn't it? :cursing:

    What I do is blast it with my Zeno, but I also put on the Clean and Clear Acne Patch (it used to be an actual sticker and now it is a clear gel applied with a tube) and then I dab a sulfur mask on the spot. ProActiv and Murad are my favorites. They stink, but they work. I sleep with it on.

    PS- You're beautiful! I am sure a few zits won't make any difference at all!
  4. My friend LouAnn (Who was the estethician in my salon for years) used to have this zit cream that looked like mustard! I would run to her room, in a snit, on Saturday morning if I had one of those rotten little buggers popping up. She would slather on this crazy zit cream and I would shamelessly go back to work. Well, all day my clients would give me that know the one where someone is staring and trying not to. Sort of, touching their own face in a mirrored attempt to remove the God-awful cling on. Sort of, trying to mutter but not really wanting to say anything until they would finally burst with, "You've got some mustard on your face!" I'd just pip back, "Nah, it's zit cream. But thanks for having my back!"

    But since you don't have any of Lollie's Famous Mustard Zit Cream, I'd give toothpaste a shot! It works, too.
  5. Oh yeah, toothpaste is my best friend. I have it on right this minute. Make up is really a remarkable thing cause I can cover up ANYTHING with it. I've had friends call me and ask me how I cover up my spots and make me give them a step by step while they're getting I try.

    Let me see, right now I have a HOLE on the right side of my nose, right in my smile line and the edges of it are raised so I have a literal crater (although it's a small one) right there where everyone can see it. And I have a chin full of monsters (don't ask me why!) and my forehead decided to revolt against me. Skin sucks at the moment.

    I guess I'll sleep on it AGAIN and hope to God it's betta in da monin.
  6. Maybe your skin freaks out cuz you worry about it so much!:yes: Zits...fact of life! And yes, speaking from 42 years of experience they always pop out at the most inappropriate times! But worrying will only make it worse. Sometimes I take a brown eyeliner pencil and put a dot on it and, Voila' it's a beauty mark! haha
  7. Try changing your pillow case. Bacteria can get trapped in there and when your face comes in contact with it, PIMPLE :yucky:
  8. I agree. And don't touch your face and make sure your cell phone is clean. That's a biggie for me.
  9. agree. wipe your cell phone with a cotton ball that is damp with your astringent. this should help.
    i used toothpaste in college before. it worked, but i would always pick it off. ugh.