Aaargh.... why?

  1. I saw these bags IRL in Danier. I thought 'Chloe Paddington' straight away. I love the shop, but it annoys me slightly when they are very obviously copying another designers idea. The copycat bag isn't even good quality and there a feeling of fakeness about it, to me. It is worth nowhere near what they have it priced at.

    Note: I'm not bashing the shop, just this bag.


    Bag version 1 (as above image)...
    Bag version 2 (bigger version).....
    Bag version 3 (even bigger one)..

    Thankyou for listening! It is just some venting that I had to get of my chest.
  2. That is horrible! You know, I saw similar imitations at Aldo (a shoe store). It's partially because of these bags that paddys are on sale now!
  3. "imitation is the highest form of flattery" however is making chloe bags lose its originality & quality!
  4. What is worse is that other well known(yet cheaper) designers are imitating the paddington! For instance Melie Bianco makes a padlock purse that is the same shape/form as the paddington.

    I agree that it minimizes Chloe's uniqueness.
  5. I saw someone carrying an "inspired" bag, and it looked worse than a generic bag with no known shape or style.

  6. What confuses me is how this is different from a replica seller? :shocked:

    This is not the first designer that has been ripped off by a "legit" manufacturer. The Balenciaga City bags have been copied. So has the Spy.

    I just don't understand how this is any different.:huh:
  7. I guess it is different for a legit designer to copy as long as they don't stamp the words "Chloe" all over the bag. Like for instance, one could argue that Gucci could copy the LV design of the Eclipse (a very unique LV handbag) but instead of putting "LV's" all over the canvas they put "GG's" instead. While copying the LV shape and leather you aren't exactly copying it exactly.

    Also it is different because buyers of the Melie Bianco paddington know that they are buying a Melie Bianco paddington while Chloe fakes are trying to trick people into "authentic" Chloe bags.

    I personally think designers who have a very distinct handbag like the paddington should copyright the entire design, down the detail of the lock shape, etc. So if Melie Bianco wants to imitate the bag she would have to make the padlock heartshaped or something....haha.

    I hate fakes!!!!
  8. Hi lord!

    I agree with you totally! But is it a fine line they walk. That whole "intellectual property" issue.:censor: