Aaargh...Postponed Gratification for my newest Chanel!!

  1. Just wanted to share.... :pWas in San Francisco again last week, nothing screamed my name (though almost all of them whispered, LOL) at the boutique and Neimans (Saks in SF has no Chanel). I had already just got the Glazed Modern Chain E/W large black tote here in The Hague and the large black non-quilted Ultimate Soft at Neimans in SF and a chocolate/patent CC's Mini Multipocket Cambon Reporter on eBay all within the past 6 weeks! :p

    I tried on the electric blue/turquoise blue Soft and Chain in SF over and over again but was not so sure.:confused1:

    Of course during my trip I was doing my regular perusal of the Purse Forum;) and my burgeoning love for the brown Bubble Quilt bowler fully matured at the end of my stay!

    Was so sure it would be a lost cause but I called my NM SA one day before I left and she pulled strings and found it!

    It was at another store so it is being shipped to my US address because the VAT of 19% plus custom/import fees are a bit high for me to want to get it shipped here to Holland!:nuts:

    So long story short it will be a LONG LONG wait cos I have no immediate plans of hopping back to the US!:crybaby::crybaby:

    Ah, well. At least it is there, over the sea, waiting for me....:girlsigh: Will think of something....
  2. Sounds like another excuse to come back to the US and do some more shopping! I hope you get your bag soon!
  3. Congrats on your new Bubble Quilt. I hope you get it soon. It's so hard to wait.
  4. I hate waiting too, but at least you know it's there and it's yours! Congrats!
  5. Thanks dd101, czo28 and ferociousjeanne! - Yes, at least I know it is there so that is a good thing! Another shopping trip.... hmmm.....:idea:
  6. congrats on your bubble bowler, you will love her. yay, we're bubble sisters!!
  7. Oh's like waiting for a lover to return from overseas....:girlsigh:...I hope you'll find a way to get the bag soon...
  8. I feel for you! But chanel is worth the wait right?
    You your other chanel's to keep you company!
    May I ask where in The Hague you bought your Chanel?
    I thought only the CHanel boutique @ PC hooftstraat ( and I believe Addy van den Krommenacker) sold Chanel.
  9. msjenn: cool! what color and style do you have?
    icearl: you are so funny! like waiting for a lover!:p
    farah: yes, the other ones will keep me company!! I bought another Chanel at Fred Van Wordragen, at the corner of Papestraat and Hoogstraat, right in the middle of the city. They sell Chanel accessories and clothes, and some other designer clothes Lacroix etc. I have not heard of Addy----, where is that shop?
  10. Aww ... congrats! It must be such a odd feeling ... since the bag is yours yet not completely. Hahaha like what IceEarl said ... waiting for a lover! Post pics when you get it.
  11. I will post when I get it! Hopefully we will not be considering it vintage by then!:roflmfao:

  12. I would go crazy to wait :nuts:...Congrats!
  13. Addy is in Den Bosch I think. He has this shop with his own designs and other high end designer stuff. I've never been to his that's all the info I have.
    I've never heard of this shop in the hague. Thnx for the info. I will visit it very soon!