AAARGH My friend's dog chewed my Dooney!

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  1. I was visiting a friend of mine thsi weekend and they have a new puppy I fell in love with! He is a mini Daschund! Cutie Patooty! But he is teething and their son placed my purse on the floor within doggy reach and he chewed my strap! That part of the strap is actually removable, so anyone know how Dooney is about repairs? If I could just get a replacement strap, or maybe I could find a good leather repair shop? Man did I want to cry![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Cute doggie!

    Dooney is quite good about repairs - you could contact customer service at and they will help...they have a live chat service.
  3. Awwww...the puppy is so cute that it's hard to be angry lol.
    Yes, give the Dooney customer service a call. They may have a few options for you *smile*
  4. Thanks! I called them and they said $25 to replace the strap! So very good indeed!
  5. I've got one of those little guys! Cutest dogs ever! Don't stay mad at him--he'll learn to leave your bag alone soon enough.

    Good luck with your bag repair. :smile:
  6. awwww!!!! You cant stay mad at a dachsund! Trust me--- I have one just liek him! lol!
  7. Sorry, Any other dog I would be mad at for life. I have a mini dach named smush. He is the only man that I can forgive anything. See if Dooney will fix or replace.
  8. I would be mad at the dog.
  9. ^^^
    not the puppy's fault so can't be mad at him.:nogood:

    human error - do not leave anything you don't want ruined within chewing distance of a curious, teething baby.;)
    they don't know any better.