Aaargh help please - gel polish lasted LESS than 12 hours???


Jan 23, 2013
Somerset, UK
Can anyone tell me what I might have done wrong? :cry:

The french mani I did last week had started to chip. Removed it yesterday (easily due to no primer, YAY) and re-did it as follows:

1) SensatioNail base/top coat, 1 coat, cure
2) RCM "white hot" for the tips, two thin-as-I-could-get-it coats, cure
3) RCM "I Simply Love Your Nails", two thin coats, cure** see note
4) SensatioNail base/top coat, 1 coat, cure

Finished it at about 11pm last night after taking my time and doing it carefully. Got up this morning, went for a run, had a shower - and noticed that on the left hand, half the gel had lifted and peeled off. Right hand seems ok... :sad: Edit: I lied, right hand is also peeling off. This is mostly from the free edge down (not from the cuticle or sides).

The only difference between the mani last night and the one last week was that last week I used RCM Candid Moment.

I wasn't impressed with how the RCM ISLYN went on, it seemed really streaky and even after curing it looked uneven and patchy.

Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong??

Thank you.
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