AAARGGGHHHH!!!AC unit flooded my family room

  1. I am sooooo upset:cry: . On saturday I saw wet spots on my family room carpet.(i have an above ground basement which i use as a family room).i looked in my utily room and saw the condensation from the AC unit. I called and they told me they would have someone out this am. since then it has gotten worse. its partly flooded.i called and now they are telling me they can't get anyone here until tomm?that is not what they told me on saturday. meanwhile it is extremely hot outside. and its landscaping day. i can't even open my windows as to am allergic to fresh cut grass. plus, am supposed to be sleeping because i have to work tonight and tomm.
    DH has the family room nicely decorated, but would you think he would at least have had moved the furniture so it does not get wet?of course not:rant: .
    sorry for venting. and thanks for listening:shame: .
  2. ooh! So sorry! who did you call,they should have an emergency # for water probs..I would call someone else...they should come out right away
  3. If you have PSE & Gas a gas company......they come out right away- We had our Upstairs AC zone die last summer..They were out in one hour.
  4. i actually called the people who installed the AC unit. my townhome is not quite 2 years old. i also callled the association.told them i had children in the house and all.
  5. Do you own or rent?
  6. i own. should i call my insurance company now and explain what happened or wait until it is fixed? i am soooo mad i can't even think.
  7. I hope this gets taken care of ASAP. Sorry that this happened. Today is HOT!
  8. thanks.
  9. i have not even turned on the tv. do i want to know how hot it is going to be today? ok. maybe i should to prepare myself.
  10. Call your insurance NOW- They may have someone they can send RIGHT it will lower their costs if the damage gets worse
  11. ok. searching for the phone now.
  12. Ok-.... tell them you have asthma may hurry them up if medical issues are brought up
  13. just got a call from DH. the association is having someone come out today. yeah!!!!!!! ok, i take back all the bad thoughts about DH:shame: .
  14. OMGosh... I hope you get this looked after.

    does your ac not have a drain hose that goes into a sink or something like that ? Is this something you can get covered with insurance ?

  15. JILL, the Ac is supposed to be a closed system, b ut of the seals broke off in less thatn two years, is it a manufacture defect? or just luck of the draw? i wonder. this is all new to me.