AAAhhh! Just bought a Black Leather Gryson Skye!! Tell me I'll love it!!

  1. I went to NR today and was going to buy the Gryson Elissa but when I saw it IRL it looked so small it was comical!! I left sooo dissapointed and spent all day dreaming about Gryson.
    Well I spent a while looking around and finally stumbled across not just a Gryson Skye in black but it's even leather!!!! :roflmfao::yahoo:

    I just ordered it and am flipping out! I looove the gryson look and got a tremendous deal so I had to pull the trigger. but this is a LOT of money for me soooo...

    Tell me what you love about your Gryson Skye's please!!!

    When do you use yours? Do you think in all black it is a little dressier? (I hope so)

    The only other nice bags I have are Hayden Harnett and Linea Pelle (some of which have to go now:shame:smile: so this is sort of my first high end bag.

    Is Gryson even high end? I know the price tag is high, but have they been around long enough to be considered designer??

    K- I'm done rambling. Thanks for listening
  2. I think the black Gryson skye in black is a great buy!! I got a white sky with tan off eBay for half off (it was authentic) and I absolutely love it! I saw the elissa at NR too but I agree it was way too small for me...Im seeing Gryson at all the major dept stores now like NM, Bloomies, Nordies so Im guessing they are designer and their quality and design is excellent. I love the soft interior and the woven handles, I always get compliments on mine=) Post pics when you get it and congrats on your new buy!!:woohoo:
  3. thanks for the reply. You guys are the only ones I tell about my bags b/c my friends think that coach is super designer and have never even heard of my under the radar, super cool bags like HH, LP and now Gryson:rolleyes:
  4. Oooh congrats! I am sure you will love her - the suede lining of the Gryson bags is TDF!
  5. I have the Gryson Olivia in black leather and I LOVE it. It's a bit heavy, but so gorgeous, love the style in every way - I'm sure you will love yours!!

    PS - I lied and told my sister it cost $125 when she asked me. I was too nervous to admit how much it really was, and I got it for half off!
  6. You are going to love it! Gryson bags are one of my favorite brands :heart::yes:
  7. I'm sure you'll love it tons better then coach! Yummy leather plus suede interior is so luxurious.
  8. I think you'll love it than coach
  9. The Skye is amazing. I have a Chocolate one and a Woven one in blue jean. They are such great quality luscious bags. I can't see how you couldn't be happy with it. Congrats.
  10. Oooooh! I love the Skye! I don't have one, but I was agonizing over one at Nordstrom last month (it was not on sale). I love the size of the bag, the versatility, the woven handles, and the shoulder straps are so functional and comfortable.
    You will love it!
  11. yeah, I'm getting really excited!! I feel like this is the perfect brand for me- high end but under the radar and not in your face designer like a logo bag.

    I hope it'll work as a more dressy bag since I realize that all i've got are great slouchy leather bags but nothing super structured. My most structured bag is actually the HH triple strap satchel and that is hardly a going out at night/date night bag.

    What did everyone pay for their skye's during the big Gryson sale online a while back? Were they the price on the website now which is like $400 or so? Or much less?

  12. I have the Skye in black and the one in camel with brown trim. I love them both. It is a bit heavy but it's still one of my favorite styles. Congrats. I think you will be very happy.
  13. I LOVE my gryson skye! I have it in camel and it's a fairly dress down bag (but I do use my black elissa for dressier occassions).

    Anyway, I love the size, the interior and exterior pockets. I love the way it sits on my arm and just the style over all.

    You'll love this bag!
  14. so what makes it dress down? I've seen a few reviews that say as much but I don't get it. is it the multiple straps? the shape?
  15. I think maybe the shape/slouchy-ness - but I think in black it will be very versatile - dress it up or down. The brown and camel ones tend to look more casual to me than the black. :yes: