AAAHHH, a moment of contentment :)

  1. A rare moment of contentment with my all of my bags and collection. I am really enjoying it. So after my visits to 2 stores yesterday and picking up the red epi and my new sandals, I just feel so happy and for the first time in a long time, not looking for 'what's next'.

    I feel like all the stars are aligned lol...

    *I have really been making a conserted effort to use all my bags, especially ones I haven't used for awhile.
    *Having the new Pampelonne, just waiting for warmer weather to break her out.
    *I know a few little the heart, a scarf and red inclusion keychain will be coming to me soon.
    *I know long term I want the hampstead GM, but no huge rush, since that will be great for fall.

    We'll see how long it can last....but for now :beach: :smile:
  2. I love that feeling! I hope it lasts for you, it rarely lasts more than 4 days with me!
  3. It is a good feeling, isn't it? Unfortunately, mine only lasts for a couple days like Nola...

    But I don't feel too rushed to get anything from the latest lines...and everything else I kinda want I can wait on...:smile:
  4. You got the Pampellone!!!! Congrats girl,,, bbbeauuuutiful...... I like basking in the glow of my bags! (and agendas)...

  5. Good for you Mary! I'm with those above, wish the feeling lasted longer.
  6. nice!!!!

    I am kinda have contenment feeling right now..too afraid to go to the store and start obsessing over something lol

    Nothing calling my name from the latest line except the one in my signature but I heard the aren't going to make it for retail..

    enjoy the feeling as long as you can..congrats on your new loots..
  7. LOL, Nita, that's the only one I liked too...I was bummed when I heard it wasn't going to make the cut!
  8. Congrats on the new pieces! I know how you fell about being content with bags...

  9. :sad: I don't undertand why ...I think it's the most decent looking bag from all the collections..
  10. Enjoy life - use your beautiful purses, bask. Twink, you've got it all down :wlae:
  11. That's what I thought too!
  12. Good for you. Enjoy wearing all your bags! :drinkup:
  13. Oh man, I hope it lasts longer than that.
  14. i want my love to come back...

    im happy for you too.. :happydance:
  15. I wish I could feel like that once in a while! Alas, I always want something...:girlsigh: