Aaahh... what to do?! Advice Needed!

  1. I can't BELIEVE it! My SA just called me and told me she was able to get a Gold Lockit for me!! :nuts::yahoo: She is sooo awesome! But now I'm facing a dilemma... I already bought a Silver Lockit and an Amarante Pegase this month, but I'm moving in September and need to save for new furniture! I'm thinking I should probably only keep 2 out of the 3 pieces (soooo tempted to keep all 3 though, maybe I can just go Ikea), so what would you choose?

    1. Gold AND Silver Lockits
    2. Gold Lockit and Amarante Pegase
    3. Silver Lockit and Amarante Pegase
    4. All 3 and go cheap on new furniture :sweatdrop:

    What's more limited, do you think? TIA!
  2. Ild go for no.2! Dont go cheap on furniture since its a basic necessity and a better investment than a bag.:tup:
  3. ooh good question I think you should only get one locket because really how often are you going to use both lockets? Also I think its kinda weird when someone's place looks out dated and has so many expensive cloths, shoes, bags, ect. I think both your home and your accessories should look good. Your home is your resting place a place to entertain and that should always look good, I shop at Ikea 2 but the furniture does not last very long I say this from experience. Besides once you buy good furniture you wont need to buy again in years.

  4. I think you should just get two louis pieces and buy some decent furniture for your new home. I suggest trading in the silver for the gold lockit (my opinion since I think gold matches with more things) and keep the amarante piece. It's always nice to have a variety of different louis pieces in your collection. I agree with LoveBolsas, your home needs good furniture because that's what you're going to be coming home to everyday. You want something durable and lasting. I say stick with a gold lockit and the amarante I hope this helps you out :upsidedown:
  5. n. 2 sounds like a good choice :graucho:
  6. Well said!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  7. Thanks :happydance:Temnepo & Im040523 and good luck in your new place ChenChen

  8. ita!!
  9. LOL thanks everyone for being the voice of reason! Sometimes I think I go overboard with LV, but it's sooo hard to give up the Lockits! Arrggh...
  10. I would have the pegase and silver lockit
  11. It depends on if the 2 older pieces have been used. If they have, keep them and pass on the new Lockit.

    If all the pieces have never been used, then keep the one that will either give you the most pleasure or is most functional.
  12. if i wer eu id keep the gold and silver!! mmm hotness and they are LE!
  13. ^^ LOL the Lockits ARE gorgeous and that's what makes it so hard! I haven't used any of the pieces (no worries, I would NEVER try to return anything I've already used), but I almost wish I HAD just so the decision would be easier!

    Are the vernis Pegases LE? I think I might be leaning towards returning the Pegase just because I would be so worried about checking it in on flights, but it's just sooo beautiful!
  14. I would go for 2 or 3. I think the amarante piece is just to pretty not to get and you can still keep a lockit.
  15. Who needs furniture! Just sleep on your bags~