aaah! i finally get to travel!

  1. oh. my. gosh.
    i am so excited that i am surprised i can even type!
    my friends invited me to go to london with them this december as a last minute trip! we'll be leaving on the 11th and we'll only be staying a week, but that's okay with me!
    i have NEVER been out of the country...which means i have no passport and i'm REALLY worried about getting it on time, since the sites say expedited will take 2 weeks. i've been reading all the info and, quite honestly, i'm confused by it all. can anyone help me out?!
    anybody have ideas on sites to see, where to go, where to stay (we're going the cheapo route)...
    as SOON as my parents gave me the okay, i knew i had to get on here and share my joy!!! AND get some advice, since i know some of you are from london!
  2. I have no advice on traveling overseas, since the only times I've been out of the country, it's been to the Bahamas :P But, just wanted to say have an awesome time! That rocks :supacool:
  3. You can expedite passports I think around a few days - it might cost you though.

    Have a GREAT time in London!!!!! It is a fun city and you will have a blast!!!
  4. the gov't site says 2 weeks. though there are other sites that promise it in less...but we have to have a copy of an itinerary/proof of where we're going. and we're flying we don't have what they need.
  5. I have never been to Europe so I am no help, but i hope you have a great time!
  6. Does your itinerary say "Standby" and/or did you pay? If you paid well you have travel plans and this should work for your passport. I regularly get visas to China in less than 2 days. I suspect our US gov't can do the same (again for bucks! erf!!) I'll check at work on Monday to see if we have some links to Passport expeditors (sp??). Whatever I find I will send on!
  7. Wow - have an amazing trip!
  8. That's exciting!!! I hope you have a great trip!
  9. haven't paid yet. can't until tuesday and my stuff needs to be sent out monday.
  10. Wow, how exciting! I'll bet you can't wait. Hope you have lots of fun. Takes pictures for us folks stuck back here :smile:
  11. Kallison,

    One HARD lesson I had when traveling to London - the British Pound is about.5x US dollar. So if you see an item for L30 (that is 30 pounds) then it is ACTUALLY closer to 60 USD. Hate to break that to ya... we flew into Gatwick and it was minimum 60 USD for the round trip from Airport to Victoria Station (gatwick express). The tube was an additional $100 for the 5 days. Lucky for me I was using my sister's hotel. Otherwise.....
  12. money is no issue at this point, so no worries.
  13. Ah. Ok. So what is the problem? Passport should be easy then. :yahoo:
  14. issue is time.
  15. kallison don't go crazy with shopping in London! I will come after you!