AAACCCKKK - I'm dying over here!! What to do?


May 28, 2007
Madison, WI
Alright so I bought a Getting Warmer in Grape and I just don't think it's for me. I like messenger bags but this one isin't what I was looking for - that's why I think maybe a Petite Larceny since its smaller.

I'm debating on the following bags...

Flashbulb Furry in Ras or Pom
Carte Blanche in Grape or Pom
Petite Larceny in ?
Self Service in Grape

I'm really leaning towards the Carte Blanche.....any thoughts? I know a few ladies have this bag (or one just like it from another year) - do you like it? I would like a nice bag just for me (meaning no kid stuff - I have 3 young kids and I frequently just throw some of their stuff in my bag. My oldest dd is just starting school though too so I don't need quite as much stuff anymore either.).

I currently have a Sexbomb, Mona Lethal and Miss Print and love them all if that helps w/ what type of styles I like.



Jul 11, 2007
Jack Rabbit Slim's
Isn't Carte Blanche gorgeous??? And I've got a grape Self Service pre-ordered....It may be worth it to wait til those two new bags hit to make a decision! :yes:


Sep 3, 2007
I have a Buxom Buddy (Carte Blanche in lenny leather) but haven't used it yet but it is gorgeous. But out of your choices I have seen all but the Self Service in person and I think if you want a bag just for yourself get the Carte Blanche or Self Service. If you don't like the Getting Warmer you might not like the Flashbulb Flurry (even though I looooove both!). I have 2 Petit Larcenys and saw it in fall colors and it was gorgeous but I think if you want a nice bag for yourself go for the CB or SS!