1. OMG!!!!

    I have to vent... will you let me girls (and guys)???

    So about 4 months ago, I asked my SA at B to put me on the waiting list for an Emerald City bag then a couple months later I asked to be removed. Well, guess what I got in the mail today??? Yep, the bag and my credit card was charged!!!! UGH. Now I have to go sell it on Ebay!!!

    I'm SO annoyed!!!!!!!!

    Okay... That's it. I'm done.


    xo, bagaddict (the first one)
  2. If it was her mistake, why won't they take it back and give you a refund! That would totally piss me off! I would demand to talk to the manager! And if you can't return it, list it in the marketplace, I am sure someone will scoop it up in no time- this way you won't have to pay the costs of ebay!
  3. You should post 14 more times and try it on here!

    Seriously, though, that sucks!!! Call and complain to your SA!
  4. Ack! That sucks! Did you get a cancellation #? You could return it if they gave you one.
  5. omg that's so wrong, they shouldn't be able to do that to you, i'd ask for a refund and complain to the manager for sure...
  6. I have too many Balenciaga bags!! I just paid off my credit cards!!! I can't even find anyone to buy my Magenta city so I just posted that on Ebay a few minutes ago.

    just in case any of ya girls are interested...

    eBay auction link removed

    No, I can't complain because I LOVE my SA and even though I'm a 1000% sure that I told the SA to remove me I just can't say anything. It's just the hassle of posting it, shipping it, blah blah blah. I just called and left a message to make sure I'm not on any other "waiting lists" and that I would talk to him/her in the fall. What can you do??? Somebody will buy it. It's a lovely bag. Actually it's a better color than I thought

    What if I end up keeping it?!?!?! OH LORDY!!!! I can't!!!

    I guess I'll post it on ebay too. Thanks for feeling my pain ladies :smile:

  7. How frustrating! Rant and complain to them that this shouldn't have happened! I would be so PO'd!
  8. Wow! What's going on with these SAs lately?!?!

    I ordered the Fendi B bag from NM four months ago. I got a call two weeks ago that the bag had come in and they asked if I still wanted it. I changed my mind and said no, I was no longer interested. A week after I got the call, my AmEx bill comes in the mail with the bag fully charged on my card! But wait! According to the charge date on my bill, they charged my AmEx 4 days BEFORE they even called me to ask if I still wanted the bag!

    They charged my card almost $2300.00 for a bag I didn't want four days before they even asked if I was still interested in it! I flipped out and needless to say have already initiated an inquiry with AmEx. NM has my card on file and just took it upon themselves to do this.

    I'm fully confident that this will all work out for you. I would contact my cc company and tell them that the store did an unauthorized charge on your account and then I would take the bag back and speak with the manager. Hope it works out well for you!
  9. Couldnt have said it better myself!
  10. are they able to just charge you for being on a waitlist? i know when i'm on a waitlist, they don't even ask for payment information. if they have your card info on file and just charge you, isn't that illegal? that is kinda scary if they did that!!
  11. SO frustrating! But at least its a beautiful color!
  12. Post some pics for us...I am sure there is someone here just waiting to grab it! (Do I need an emerald b-bag? Hmm....if I hear back that my bronze is not in stock I might need an emerald...)
  13. This happened to me with an overzealous SA at Niemans too and I was really annoyed. I asked to be put on a waitlist for a black city bag and she acted all mysterious about them and said it would take months and I said that was fine by me. The same evening I got a call on my answering machine that said "Congrats! your new balenciaga bag is here! Pick it up at will call! " I called back and discovered that the SA had charged my card with a black twiggy, a bag I had never seen and had not even expressed any interest in whatsoever! I called and said it is the wrong bag and I don't want it. The person said ok, they will cancel it and take it off my card.....then two weeks later I got another call again, saying my black twiggy is at will call! I was REALLY aggravated and found that it was still charged on my account, so I called back and said I really NEVER wanted that bag (Luckily I had not given them permission to send any bags to me, so it was hanging around will call for those weeks). Then they said ok, they will cancel it and I asked them to send a copy of my balance to make sure I didn't have a balance! Then the lady called back and said they magically had a black city and she'll charge my card! By this time I was so annoyed and over it I said NO thank you, please take me off the list (as I was having doubts about the new leather anyway and would prefer to buy straight from balanciaga when I'm in NY this summer. plus I felt the SA at Niemans was unethical and didn't want to give her my sale..though I didn't say that!)

    Moral is...sometimes SA's just want to make a sale...any sale will do...
  14. Thanks sweetie!! I hope so!!

  15. Yeah, I was just on the waitlist... they have my credit card on file. Even though I cancelled my order a couple months before, I still would think they would call and say "your bag is ready to ship - are you still interested in purchasing??" or SOMETHING! Instead it just showed up at my office. I had totally forgot that I had even requested to be put on the wait list for this bag at all. It's so weird right?!?!?