AAAARRRGH!!! (A pity party thread for those of us whose SO's are delayed

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  1. My SA told me that my SO has been pushed back for about 5 months. Let's share our SO tales of woe here.
  2. MB - when did your SO get approved ? I have not heard of any delay in mine. It went thru in April this year and my store has asked for October delivery although I don't think that it would make it anyway.
  3. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that.
    No SO for me but I'm waiting for a PO, I have a feeling that it will arrive around Feb 2011.
  4. My tale of woe is that the color I want isn't available for bags this SO time.
  5. I am so sorry it was delayed, but at least you know they accepted the order and so will get the bag. I have had a couple orders fall through the cracks in the antlier floor.

    I got a call yesterday that a bag I ordered over 2 years ago just came in. I had not heard a peep about the bag since the order was placed so this is a surprise. To be fair to the store, I never followed up on it.

    I have an order 3 years out and I did ask about that one and they say it was approved but we will see if I ever see it LOL.
  6. I have one that was 3 years in Feb. and they say it was approved. They also said that about the one 7 years ago,don't expect it anymore. I decided not to do this ever again.
  7. I don't so anything. The wait is just too onerous. I find plenty in the boutiques!!
  8. i am still waiting for my SO from last Sep at FSH.

    it is in the system but no one knows the latest status. they did promise to get back to me via e-mail (unlike others who at least have received a letter notifying them of the delay)

    the wait continues...
  9. The wait continues for me too...
  10. Placed 2 SO's Sept 2009- Received 1 of them within 5 months. The other was supposed to be ready June, then Aug, then September then I received a letter saying end of the year! So 3 more months of waiting for 2009 Sept SO.

    I placed another 2 SO's Sept 2010- God only knows when that will show up!

    Good luck to all of us!:smile:
  11. This current SO was suppose to arrive within a year. Been waiting for over a year now. SA said it was suppose to arrive this month but is slightly delayed but should be here by the end of the year....keeping my fingers crossed. BTW, heard that there was a problem with their database regarding bicolor/tricolor SOs that they had to fix that why our many of the SOs are delayed.
  12. Chkpfbeliever:
    Hi, Chkpfbeliever, I ordered the bag in Feb. 2009

  13. Same thing here.... but I did follow up and was told it would never be made, and now BANG ! It's here.... and they even gave me a deadline to collect it :tdown:
    I am not very happy with the way my order was handled I must say....
  14. If my first SO comes in next year s/s i will be surprised will have waited 2yrs by then, thinking SO orders are not worth the wait, why when i get the H bug things seem to be getting worse wish i started years ago
  15. I am still waiting for my SO which supposed to arrive before Christmas ....pleaseeee pretty please make it happen, Hermes!!