AAAARGH! Cricket!!!!

  1. I'm sooo upset with them right now... I purchased a silver city from them. Then their site went down and the order did not go through. Then I called them and managed to finish the transaction by telephone. Then after a couple of days they sent me an email stating that the order had been sent. Then NOTHING. I sent them several emails asking for a tracking number (650£ bag + 50£ shipping!) and I still have not heard back from them. I sent them a quite angry email today complaining for their customer care. I'm really pissed right now. What is the point in having a web store if they cannot manage it? I make almost all my shopping online and *never* had problems like these!!!

    I need some support from you lovely ladies...:wondering
  2. Oh no I hate it when that happens! Have you tried calling them again and asking what's going on? Hope your bag arrives today so you can forget all of this!
  3. I have to admit they have a terrible customer service , they do not respond to inquiries via email at all...I sent them a couple of times asking them about certain things and they never answer me back!! its annoying..." hello i am a potential buying customer"...but no instead they just neglect my inquiries...i can understand your frustration and anger, especially that you have already processed ur best experinces in buying balenciaga bags was via phone Harvey Nicholas or Browns, they have a very good customer service..and shipping wasnt expensive ( 20 GBP)and it arrived within 3 days and i am located at Asia. Dont panic, just relax, give it till tomorrow max if it doesnt appear by then..i suggest that you call back and give them a piece of your mind *angry customer coming up*..
  4. Oh no.. that's terribly annoying ! Hopefully they see the angry email, that's quite costly for shipping too.
  5. Thank you for the virtual hugs :amuse: you're all sooooo sweet. I have regained a little faith that everything will turn out positively!!!
  6. I have my fingers crossed for you! :biggrin:
  7. Oh that's horrible, do they have a phone listed that you can call?

    Let us know how it goes..
  8. They have the worst customer service ever. I have been looking into getting a bag from them but last night I said I would be taking my service elsewhere. It wouldl take them 2 days to reply with a 1 sentince answer!
  9. I wonder if that's why (the relatively poor customer service) Cricket still has some hard-to-find 2005 colors available when just about every other store in the world long sold-out of them. I just can't believe that they charge 70 GBP for Royal Mail (not even express mail like N-A-P) for a single B-bag shipped to the US!! Now they try to rationalize that by saying that all VAT fees are inclusive and already factored in to the pricing/fees (I'm not so sure about that)....still hard to accept.
  10. Yes they have, but it annoys the hell out of me to call them. First of all, I'm not native English speaking so it's difficult for me to understand everything (they talk fast and I cannot see them in the face so I have less clues), plus every time I've to explain them the whole matter over and over again because nobody seems to know exactly what's going on. For example I told them that my order had had problems in getting through and that they had answered that the website is under refurbishment and the SA I was speaking to goes ("oh, really?") I mean YOU Cricket told me so :blink:. D'oh...
  11. Not only are shipping prices crazy but their price is still higher than Balenciaga retail. Too bad they are the ones with the good inventory of older bags...
  12. Might be, might be... if it's Royal Mail then the timing is still acceptable and I'll wait a couple of days before taking a flight to Liverpool to hunt them down :nuts:. I was just assuming that 50£ inside the EU were a little too much for a simple Royal Mail parcel. And how can they say that the fees are included in the shipping cost? I am inside the EU so I do not have any additional fee to add to the cost of the bag. I think they are just untrained and maybe thought that a net store does not need any special training to manage...
  13. Browns' prices are higher though: in the last page they mailed me the plain City is listed @ 715... I paid £650 for the same bag @ Cricket.
  14. 715?? How frusterating!! Everytime I want to buy a Bbag first I chicken out at the last second because of the price, hoping I will find it lower but I am only finding it higher & higher!! Maybe I should just buy the one I saw for £650...I am so on the edge...
  15. I am so sorry you are going through this- that is so annoying! I hope the bag comes in soon, and can't wait to see pics!!! It's going to be amazing, it will be worth the wait!