AAAAHHH help!!!! No Luggage Tags?!?!

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  1. OMG! I've been reading and researching on tPF about heatstamping and a bunch of you said that you bought luggage tags to have heatstamped! i was planning on doing that and i JUST called 866 and they said they don't sell them separately!!!!! noooo!!!! :wtf:

    did i miss something? did you guys all already have luggage tags from your keepalls that you had stamped? please let me know what's going on! i was so sure after reading your posts that you could just go into an LV store and get a luggage tag! Someone even posted saying she had paid like $35-$50 for it!

  2. Unless they've changed things, you should be able to get luggage tags separately in the boutique. Hmm, weird that you can't get them from 866. Anybody out there know the facts? I'm curious now, too!
  3. Just contact your local store for a luggage tag - I think there are two sizes available. I have two luggage tags, but they came with my Deauville and Carryall. But, they would make nice gifts!!
  4. Of course luggage tags are available. You probably just got a totally clueless SA. I'm sure your local LV could order one for you, they come in various sizes. Good luck!!
  5. thanks everyone!
    i actually called my local store RIGHT after posting on tPF and she told me that it must have been a new person i talked to at 866 because they DO sell luggage tags separately. she even looked it up for me and she said they only had a few left in the store so i hightailed it to LV and placed my heatstamping order. i'm picking it up on sunday! :smile:
  6. just say you lost yours and you need to buy a replacement. lol