AAAAGH! Miroir Cases STILL Not in!

  1. Just called my SA and my store STILL has not received the miroir cases :crybaby: Even though the Hawaiian flagship stores got theirs on the original Jan. 11th release date (at which point all the stores got the hearts). She says they were promised to the store by her district manager and should still be coming, but aren't even scheduled to be on the next shipment from Europe :sad: Don't think I'll ever get them at this rate....
  2. Keep never know...
    there's always eBay as a last resort!

    Good luck and love your new avatar!
  3. Ugh...what store are you waiting on? I just got mine from AM today.
  4. ^Lahaina- I think only AM and Waikiki have gotten them so far.

    Thanks bagmaniac- isn't that koala just so damn cute?
  5. I got fed up with not getting a call over the silver heart, so I called 866 and they located one for me....along with an amarante heart. Maybe call 866. I never thought they would help me find the hearts.
  6. Don't worry! I'm sure it will be in soon!
  7. Still waiting for everything here too as they are holding ALL the new items until Sat for an event .. I adore your avatar too ..Koala's are very cute:love:
  8. Wow, there are miroir pieces floating around the country?! I must call 866! Thanks for the tip!