AAAAARGHH !!! I am so frustrated with Ebay !

  1. So, I keep reporting fake bags all the time and hardly 20% of them get pulled. It is so ridiculous ! Instead, I see genuine authentic bags (mine as well as some of my friends and fav seller's) get pulled so much more often. :cursing:

    A lot of fake sellers with 0 to 10 feedback are selling so many fakes and getting hundreds and thousands for them !:wtf:

    Its just so hard on eBay for honest sellers to sell and difficult for buyers to sift through these scamming jerks. Anyone else feel the pain ?
  2. I feel the pain. Especially when my items are pulled (various ridiculous reasons) - I relist them - and they never sell! And yet fakes are selling at 3 times my starting bid!!!
  3. ^^^Most of these sellers start super low coz they have nothing to lose (only profit to make considering the fakes cost hardly nothing on the street).

    I report them multiple times through 2-3 different ways and a lot of these still are on eBay. My cousin wanted to sell a limited edition LV piece and they put a block on her even though she had a 100% feedback for the last three years and these 0 feedback scammers sell everything from D&B to Hermes which are obvious fakes.
  4. I feel your pain! I get mine pulled a lot for stupid things like excessive shipping ($15), or fakes. I think it's the fake sellers worried they are going to be "outed" by our pictures of authentics. It is very frustrating.