Aaaaahhh!!!!!! <3!!!!!!!

  1. can anyone tell me how much the pastilles multicolore keyring retails for? i was just poking around the lv website, found it, and...I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!! :girlsigh:
  2. 375
  3. The keychain/bracelet retails for $375 and the smaller key holder retails for $300.
  4. Multicolore Pastilles Key Chain = $375

    Multicolore Pastilles Key Holder = $300 <---- Next on my wish list :love:
  5. I got mine 2 days ago for $375 plus tax to use with my Mini Lin!!

  6. Love your pastilles ! :love: :drool:
  7. Congrats
  8. Congrats! Loves scrumptous!
  9. I love your mini lin!!!
  10. do they still have it in brown?
  11. The MC Pastilles are so cute! They are also bigger than I thought, which is a bonus