aaaaaarrrrgghhhhhh, i hate fedex....

  1. so i am waiting for my package (a bag is in the package of course) to be delivered..... i missed the first attempt (on thursday) and called them if i can pick it up in the facility that is close to my house. but no.... they say i cannot do that... i have to pick it up at the facility that is about 1 hour from my house. and they close at 5 pm. :wtf: so i asked whether the delivery man can give me an hour window of when the package will be delivered, and they say that they can give me 3 hour window. :wtf: i have to skip work either to wait for the damn delivery man or to go there and pick it up. then they said that on other attempts, and the driver can call me when he is close to my house so i can meet him. i told them, lets do this friday, gave them my cell number (this will save me from having to go to their facility).

    next day, friday, i called them again to inquire why the driver hasnt called me yet.... guess what???? my package was on hold :wtf: i never told them to put it on hold..... these idiots make me so upset.....!!!!!!:hysteric: so i told them to take the "on hold" out and make sure they deliver it on saturday.

    i called them again this morning and the person who answered the phone said that my package was there because it is on hold....
    okay... so obviously the idiot from friday did not take the "on hold" out. i wsnt even upset anymore... i was furious :hysteric:
    since i called them early enough and the driver has not left yet, the person who answered the phone was able to put my package in the truck. what would have happened if i had not called??? anyways, i am typing this, sitting on my pajamas.... i dont want to miss the delivery guy this time..... i am not moving from the couch.....

    i am telling you... these delivery people... they think they are the most important thing that ever happens to world.... somehow, we, paying customers have to sit around (get out of work even) to wait for them. this is the last time i use fedex. i'd rather eat dirt than using them ever again..
  2. Seems like a-lot of people are having problems with Fedex. I have only had one package delievered to my house by Fedex in my life and i was home.
  3. i used to like fedex.... all my orders from chanel boutique were always sent by fedex and i never had any problem. this was the first time, and i hate how the fedex employees gave me attitude....

    ups is not too bad.... there are some not so bright hq customer service (who gave me a hard time), but my local ups is willing to work with me, so i am hapy with that.

    i like dhl the most tho... from my experiences with them, the customer service is always nice, and they are open til 8 pm, so i can pick up my package after work.
  4. Lots of fed ex problems lately, I have had frustration with them too...

    Sor sorry, hope your bag gets there soon.
  5. Sorry to hear that, I can relate...Fed ex, UPS, DHL... I've had problems with ALL of them! :hysteric:

    Fed ex sent back an important document I had my mom send to me when I told them to HOLD it for me! DHL actually charged me for a package sent by my aunt from Switzerland :shocked:, and UPS was similar to your situation now, it was only when we called their customer service to say we wanted the item shipped back to Amazon cause by that time we didn't need it anymore, they tried and tried everyday to deliver it:rant: We complained to the lady on the phone and she had the nerve to shout at us!!! :mad:

    Sorry to rant, hope you get your baby soon:flowers:
  6. Yikes! I hope you get it today!
  7. grr that is the thing that pisses me off the most about elux than having to deal with stupid fed- ex i think there used to be a paraody shirt a few years back that said fed-up
  8. I hate fedex too, they never ring the bell!
  9. Did it ever show up?
  10. ugh... i don't like fedex. we've always had problems stuff getting delivered to our house with their service.
  11. I hate Fed-Ex!!! The guy always leaves the stuff at the door, even when there's signature confirmation. It lags and I think it's way overpriced...I'd pick USPS or UPS over fed-ex any day. I really do cringe when I have to use it when there's no other shipping offer....

    And I hate DHL as well.
  12. Almost all my wine deliveries come via fedex-- always when I am not home.

    So I end up having to pick up the packages after work, and the line for picking is always at least an hour long. It's unreal, standing in the fed ex lobby with 20-30 other people waiting for 60+ min so while one fedex emp very slowly retrieves our boxes.

    I have to say, and I fear to jynx it as I type: they have never lost a package of mine though.

    USPS is HORRID in that regard. :censor: Once, after watching a post office work search for 10 min for my box (bag), she told me it was lost. I told her I wasn't leaving until she found it. She litterally turned around, walked around a corner and brought back my box/bag. Hello?? Was she going to keep it after reporting it lost??

    UPS is my hero though-- the driver brings cookies for my dogs :biggrin: