aaaaaah! Stupid UPS

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  1. My beautiful new Elizabeth and James superfine leather jacket has been listed as "on the UPS truck for delivery" for the last two days!! Where is it?!! Aaaaaaah! I've already received another package from UPS today so now I'm scared that this one is lost :sad:

    Hautelook will be opening an investigation...but I really really wanted the jacket :sad:
  2. Yikes! call UPS with your tracking number and confirm they have your correct address...otherwise they might return it to sender.
  3. yes i think you should call ups and inquire about the tracking number.
  4. I did :sad: and they just read me whatever is on the tracking page online. I called Hautelook though to open an investigation...boooo :sad:
  5. aw that sucks. i've never had that happen with ups before. usps on the other hand... thats crap.
  6. I guess we can hope that the driver is super slow and needs an extra day to deliver...not buying that...but I need something to hope for
  7. do you know if it was shipped UPS Ground and there is a scheduled delivery date on the tracking information page?

    I've had an experience with UPS in which the sender shipped UPS Ground and there was a specified delivery date. Wven though UPS had the item in my area warehouse before the scheduled delivery date, they would not deliver the ground package before that date.

    I called UPS and they said that if the package was shipped another way (UPS 2-day, etc) and not Ground, they could deliver it. But since Ground service is cheaper to the shipper, UPS does not - and are not under an obligation - to deliver before that date.

    I got my package on the scheduled delivery date.

  8. Omg I hate when that happens!
  9. oi! redney may have a point...maybe it's was shipped UPS ground.
    Hope you jacket arrive soon Princess!...would have been good to wear to today since it's been kinda cold in Vancouver
  10. The jacket has been located!! And it is beautiful!

    m-s-m-d: As horrid as this is...I'm hoping for fall-type weather tomorrow :smile:
  11. ^^HAHA you'll never is the Vancouver weather we're talking about,anything could happen :biggrin:

    yaay glad to hear about your jacket! :yahoo: would luv to see some pics Princess!
  12. It happens. I once bought a pair of Chanel earrings that were "missing" for several weeks. It was very odd, the package just showed up on my doorstep one day.