aaaaaah.... ruined clothing

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May 12, 2006
my ex boyfriend and I were playing around and he snagged my hand knit catherine malandrino limited edition sweater. It had came unravelled (well a little unravelling, but sh*t i was PISSED). He told me he could get me another one at the GAP :cursing: WTF? That's why he's my ex... LOL


Feb 23, 2006
I spilled nail polish all over my Alexander McQueen milkmaid dress the day I was going to wear it (date with my then boyfriend). (From his first collection under the Gucci Group, fall 2002). I still wear it though. The nailpolish kind of matches....

I also ruin just about every white shirt I own.

I've ruined countless shoes going out at night.



Feb 6, 2007
Of course. I have managed to spill half of what I eat onto my clothing. I have one pair of light colored pants that always has to go to the dry cleaner because even if I'm in it for 5 minutes I will get something on it. I think the drycleaners must have put voodoo spell on it to attract stains. LOL!

Another thing is cashmere. I don't know what it is but it seems like no matter how much I spend on cashmere from NM, Saks, etc. it always pills and looks like a mess after a wearing or two - except for the $40 one I bought at Marshalls for a no name brand I can't find anymore.


Jan 6, 2007
I do not ruin most of my finer clothes because i am pretty paranoid about getting them, but one thing that I totally did not see coming :rolleyes: was when I was holding my friend's newborn (like 1wk old) and he peed on me.....sigh....R&R jeans, dvf top.....I couldnt get mad at my friends because it was not their fault but now i am alittle wary of holding babies! ...and having them for that matter!


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May 2, 2006
I had just gotten a new track jacket by sci-fen...about 80 bucks, and my boyfriend thought it was funny how overly paranoid I was about getting it dirty...I wouldn't even wear it out if I thought it might get ruined. So, he points a bottle of ketchup @ me and I told him if I did I swear...and thats when he did it. He didn't mean for it to spit any out, and it wasn't like it came out in a huge amount, just those little air bubbles that have tiny spots of ketchup. I was so mad!!! I still kinda am! We called these "extreme hoodies" and were very popular this past winter. He felt really bad tho and paid for the dry cleaning bill tho!! :biggrin:

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Sep 7, 2006
I spilled coffee and then a little yogurt on a Jean Paul Gaultier jacket of mine. This would have been fine, but I also accidentally spilled some glue on it later that day. Luckily, it's small enough and in an obscure enough place that I can still wear it and not feel strange.


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Dec 10, 2006
Oakland, CA
I was wearing a great pair of Karl Lagerfeld jeans and this great fitted sweater from Armani for a party I was hosting. In a fit of an*l behavior, I decided that I needed to wipe down the kitchen counters before folks arrive -- I pulled out the Ajax counter spray and for some reason, the nozzle was a bit funky, so I unscrewed it and cleaned it off -- somehow I didn't put it back on properly and while I was holding it, the actual bottle fell and the contents splashed all over me. I instantly had bleach spots all over my outfit -- I think I teared up a little since I had just put them on for the first time.
Apr 9, 2007
Queensland, Australia
I had the MOST gorgeous Leonard Paris 70s vintage pucci-esque cowlneck top and skirt, in perfect condition that cost a fortune. I had that and other garments to go to the drycleaniners on the table downstairs and forgot to take it... meanwhile, DH (totally domestically challenged) scooped up the drycleaning and threw it into the washing machine, I found out when I was going through the clean clothes... :wtf: :hysteric: :crybaby: I cried for hours. DH is now :banned: from the washing machine :noggin:


Jan 19, 2006
my TSE cashmere sweater magically got a hole in it one day. And oh, my bf constantly "accidentally" put my dry clean only stuff in the washer:tdown: