1. Last night I wore a brand new $1100 cavalli dress to a bar downtown and within an hour had a glass of red wine spilled all down the front. I also found a cigarette burn on the dress. It's completel ruined. Do any of you ladies have similar stories or am I the only one to have expensive designer clothing ruined?
  2. oh bill, that is awful..... you can be amazed what a great drycleaner can do tho, take it there sooner rather than later, and they should be able to help as atleast you can tell them what the stain is. Is the burn in a place that you can see it, or could something be done with that too ?

    so sad for you, the crazy thing about evening clothes is that we spend so much more money on them, yets its the time when we are much more likely to get them ruined :sad:

    I snagged a brand new Missoni dress at the front, there was no getting away from it, and it ruined the dress on the very first wear!! so I feel your pain. My worst moments by far tho are always with my high heeled shoes. I always, always, get them snagged in a pavement, or I will find the one hole in the road and have my heel fall down it and scratch them lol ;)
  3. I'm sooooo sorry but yes runnnnnnnn to the nearest drycleaner!!! Hopefully they can fix ur problem!

  4. I am sorry Bill.. run to the cleaner ASAP... and chloe babe i really hate when that happens to my shoes.... i always star saying :cursing:.. lol.. and happens very often to me :sad:
  5. Who spilled the wine on you? Can you get them to pay for it?
  6. Just some random drunk walking through the bar. And crybaby the name's actually samantha, bill's the last name, like dollar bill, wink! has this happened to anyone, I feel like I'm never going to wear anything nice out anymore, you never know what gonna happen, the cigarette burns are the real killer.
  7. Sorry for what happened!

    Go to a drycleaner's. There are some couture ones in New York that work miracles. Of course, they are super expensive though....

    Depending on the burn, it is either not noticeable, the dress can be altered to cover it, or there is nothing you can do. But it doesn't hurt to try!

    I constantly ruin or lose (like a jacket or part of a coat, etc.) clothes/shoes/handbags when I go out. Painful but what can you do? People are clumsier at night.

    Good luck!
  8. Man. It happens to me all the time! And not just designer clothes, just about anything that's new will get a spot or a spill on the first wear. So I feel your pain, I hope you can get this fixed!

    Take it to the dry cleaners ASAP and see if a tailor can do something about the burn. Good luck!
  9. With the Red Wine stain - put White Wine on it! I know it sounds stupid but apparently it does actually work. I haven't spilt red wine down me since I heard this remedy to try it out but apparently its a miracle thing and what have you got to lose.

    The cigarette burn I'm afraid I have no answer for.
  10. That's just terrible. It wasn't a designer dress but I did manage to have red wine, an entire rum and coke, and vodka tonic spilled down the front of a pink satin dress. I was so busy and upset that I couldn't get it to the cleaners for a WEEK. BUT, they managed to ALL of the stains out, so definitely run to the cleaners.
  11. Geez, I'm sorry to hear that! Everyone has provided some great tips though, let us know what happens!