1. I SAW An LH!!!!! :nuts: :nuts:

    BUUUUUTTT....I'm not sure if it's real or not...well we were in a restaurant and she was kind of sitting on it and it didn't have anything on it, but when I was sitting down and looking at it, it looked like an LH, but then when she stood up it looked like the larger version of a it had the handles of the LH but the height (and a bit taller) of the regular lock I dunno...unless it was my eyes playing tricks on me.,..which they could have cuz I was really hungry!

    anywya..I SOOO Want my LH! I can't wait to get it later this year! I think it would be a GRRRRRRRRREAT fall/late fall (yes we have late fall...the pre-snow temperature..:graucho: ) bag!!
  2. oh....LH is lockit horizontal?

    i don't like it at the first time, i'm starting to like it
    but i control myself not to....>_<
  3. on my list:yes:

  4. I knooow! ME TOOO!!!! :yahoo: :wlae:
  5. me too!! but after stopping by the Lockit Club (I would stop by if you haven't yet), I fell in love with it! It's soo chic, classy and great for everday/work/travel/weekend and everything! It's even good for dinner...all except for night time stuff like dressy evening or bar...great for meetings/school!! I really can't wait to get mine!
  6. I personally don't like the lockit, too similar to the Alma (which I don't like either lol), anyhoo, I hope you get your bag soon! :biggrin:

  7. aww..thanks!!

    I wish I took a pic...cuz when I first saw it I was like :nuts: someone has a LH!!! then when I stared at it more..i was like :sad: ...I wished it was real! but I really don't know if it was or not...guess I'll never find out...

    oh well..I'll just think about my LH :love:
  8. i don't like the lockit's kinda ugly IMO...*dodges*

    i hope u can get one soon!!
  9. I am guessing if she was sitting on it, it wasn't real! That poor little LH all smooshed under a tush!
  10. i had a suhali lockit...but i returned it. It was to heavy with all my things inside
  11. I have one and I :heart: :heart: :heart: it! I didn't like it at first, and then it grew on me. You should of heard the lecture my sister gave me... :shame: :love:
  12. ooh... :sad: however Suhali LH totally beautiful...
  13. I think the LHs are totally beautiful and someday I will have one, but I can't image anyone sitting on theirs. But there are some pretty abused LV bags on eBay, so I suppose some must be unloved.
  14. I think it's cute! Hope you get one soon! : )
  15. Congrats on your 1000th post! LH is alright, but the vachetta bottom would make me so paranoid. I want a Batignolles Vertical!