AAA offering FREE tow service to prevent drunk driving (non-members, too!)

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  1. I thought this might be worth a post...maybe it will keep some tpf'rs safe and sound :smile:

    If you party a little too hard this weekend, don't drive drunk...

    Use AAA's Tipsy Tow program. Just call the number listed for your area, and tell the operator you need a "tipsy tow". You don't have to be a member to get a free 5-15 mile one-way tow home (rules vary by region).
    Here are some links detailing the program in each area. (If you have more links, please leave a comment and I'll update the list.)
    To check if there's a AAA office servicing your area, visit the AAA website and enter your zip code. You will be redirected to the regional office, where you can find out if the tipsy tow service is available in your area.
  2. Thats very nice of Triple A!
  3. Very thoughtful thread!
  4. my husband gets off work at 1am today i told him not to come home cause of drunk drivers . hes in the navy so he has a bed at his job
  5. ^^^ we're not even going out tonight, it just isn't worth the risk. They're expecting a record number of drunk drivers this year due to the economy and Saturday timing of the holiday.
  6. wow this is crazy of triple A. how kind of them. is it just for this weekend?
  7. Wow, that was super nice of them!!
  8. Helpful post, CoutureAddict. Good on you.

    As an added incentive to not drink and drive -
    If you have a DUI (driving under the influence) on your record, Canada won't let you in.
    Canada is way cool so you don't want to be banned!

    Government agencies are linking their information more and more and more.

    Make spending more on purses than your partner likes be your only crime.
  9. That's nice of them! Thanks couture_addict!