a zippy sunday reveal

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    DH drove 3 hours to take me to the coach outlet on Valentines day! It was a madhouse and he actually let me go back in for a second round because I could not make up my mind! I was going to wait and do a reveal when all the rest came in, but it still has not made it, so I will just do those when they come!

  2. LOVE the cambridge!!
  3. :heart: my jeweled babies!
  4. Every girl needs an umbrella right

  5. I couldn't pass this fob up! Not sure what I will use it with yet, but there were only a few left so I snagged it up!

  6. So cute! I have a jewel wallet and I adore it. I always look at the umbrellas when I go to the outlets and want one!! I want that key chain!!!! Congrats!
  7. I was not sure about this wallet at first because I was not sure what bag to use it with but for less than 55.00 I had to take it home!

  8. something for my mom to hold her receipts and whatnot for the family business.

  9. I was walking around with a jade hailey and a black on black large poppy spotlight and then I turned around and boom there she was! I was wowed because I thought these had already come and gone to the outlet! She was beautiful! I was not sure she would pass the test, but she fit on my arm and it was love! (I am a fluffy girl, so finding the perfect fit is sometimes a pain) I quickly put down the jade hailey and showed my husband and he really liked it. FP was 698 after savings she was 240.00! This bag holds a ton of stuff and as much as I wish the longer strap would come off it does come in handy when I am carrying DD!

  10. omg love the cambridge!! TDF!
  11. Love that zip top cambridge!
  12. AWESOME finds!! love the light gray!! and also love the scarf u put on the cambridge, i have that one and it looks good on almost every bag

    what a nice hubby for going with you!
  13. fabulous reveal!!! :heart: it all!
  14. Cute stuff. I carry the umbrella around every time I go to my outlet, but end up putting it back because I won't get much use out of it. We don't get much rain in socal, but it's so cute.
  15. Congrats!