A-Z Louboutin Guide

  1. hello!

    well, everybody on here uses the specific names of each style of CLs, and although i'm extremely familiar with the brand, i don't know the names of each style, and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one..

    so i thought we could make a thread with the names and pictures of all the different styles since there are so many :smile:

    PS. i :heart: red soles!
  2. Wow, if you plan on including every single style since the beginning of the line, this would be a long list and require archives and archives of names and pictures. If you are really hard pressed to find the names and pictures of shoes I suggest checking out retail sites such as Saks.com or footcandy.com, etc. because they list the shoe name along with pictures.
  3. well i'm not trying to include every single shoe ever made.. that would probably be impossible.. but just the more relevant, common ones... i'm familiar with a lot of them, especially the ones on Saks and net a porter, i just thought this thread may be useful.. but i guess not?
  4. Most users include photos of their shoes along with detailed descriptions in the sticky titled Post Pics of your Louboutins. There is a lot of good reference material there.
  5. And I'm sure that once you hang out with us for a few weeks, you will be very well versed in the Louboutin style lexicon.
  6. This is so true!!! I have been on here for about a month and since then I have bought 6 CL and can name all the current styles. The other day I was at NM and I kept asking about different styles by their name. A fellow customer said, "wow she definitely knows her Louboutins if she knows all the names - impressive." The SA smiled proudly and said she trained me well. :nuts:
  7. Actually a lot of the sticky-ed posts (such as Celebs & their Louboutins, Outfits and Louboutins, and post pics of your Louboutins) have good references.

    That is very true!

    There have been more than one occasion where I was able to name the styles better than the SAs.
  8. I'm not trying to be mean, but I don't see a point for a thread like this. I'm sure all of us know the names of most of the shoes. Even if you don't, you can just check out Saks or NM's website or something. It doesn't take long to figure out the name of a shoe.
  9. well it might be too late in the game to post pics of every style ever made...but we could start with a S/S 2008 post and list just the shoes for the upcoming season - and list available colors and leathers. It won't be pointless..pretty much every other forum on here does it. There's gotta be available copies of the lookbooks and catalogues..posting a few scans wouldn't hurt.

    I'm sure many of you seasoned CL shoppers know lots and lots of good information but newbies don't. That's part of the reason why I LOVE tPF..every forum is just BURSTING with knowledge. For example..the Hermes forum. Hell, they have a detailed thread on types of LEATHERS!
  10. You make a great point. It would be helpful to list available colors and leathers from this season on. Sometimes, I only discover that a shoe is available in a certain color when I happen upon a thread. Like reading that the architeks will also be available in silver/turquoise. This kind of info could be useful.
  11. It is a good idea. Yes, you can find them in the Show me your CL's & Celebs w/CL's....but if we can get a small pic with a name & no chit chat, it could be easier for people to find what they need.

    Some of the big stores do not call them by their name...its more like CL "strappy sandal" - Saks calls them by their name, but NM & Bergdorfs does not.(as far as ive seen)
    Yup - happened to me today!

    Very true....been here for a year now & I can name pretty much all the styles I see at the stores.
  12. I agree. Maybe we could even mention where a certain color or leather is available?
  13. I agree with the "this is a good idea" position.

    The other option is to browse using an Ebay search with "louboutin"; most sellers include the style names in the auction title. I think this has been my greatest resource ... in fact, I even message sellers when they get it wrong.

    Aren't I cheeky?!
  14. A thread with the current S/S styles and colors available wouldn't be a bad idea. However, it will not be stickied, due to the fact that there are quite a few stickied threads at the top of this sub forum. I don't think it should be crowded with sticky threads, as people will have to scroll farther down to read the regular threads.

    KWIM? Even though it is easy to find style names and colors, a current season thread wouldn't hurt. We can keep the chatter to a minimum in the thread, as well, so that it doesn't turn into 239486 pages that people have to scroll through.
  15. yep.. thats pretty much what i was going for.. a simple, easy to go through guide.. and i guess it would make more sense to have it for the upcoming collections rather than all of them

    i've looked through a few of the pages of the other threads mentioned but to be honest they're EXTREMELY long and each page only has a couple of pics

    but the colors thing is true as well cuz i got laponos (im learning already!) in this dark creamish color and i've been looking for pics of that color online and i cant find anything other than black/blue/magenta/camel