A yummy white box from Aloha Rag just arrived!!!!

  1. i am in *LOVE*!!!!!! my violet twiggy just arrived and it is gorgeous! the leather is so soft and thick and the color is amazing :yahoo:
    i just took photos to share with all my lovely fellow balenciaga junkies
    as for the true color in most lights the bag IRL is closest to picture #2... in natural indoor light it is more of a deep but vibrant royal purple outdoors it is alot brighter... love everything about this bag!! and thanks for everyones knowledge and info i've gathered from this site or i never would of started my dangerous addiction!
    now on to the pictures....
  2. and here are two others that didn't fit in my first post..hehe
  3. Wow, thats great leather! So nice, I love it! I have a violet on the way myself, and yours is making me more anixous!
  4. Wow...LUSCIOUS bag! That leather is incredible! Congrats! :yahoo:
  5. CONGRATS! The leather makes me :drool: and looks so CHEWY!!!!!!!!!
  6. Wowww, what a gorgeous bag you have there...I love the color and the leather.:love::drool::nuts:..Yummy....Damit, when will they have the City Violet in RH :confused1:
  7. Gorgeous, congrats!!!
  8. Kitten, did you finally get the bag ? Is it City or Brief ? :nuts::yahoo: Good for you...
  9. your bag is beautiful! I love the violet- I just got my city today and now I am yearning for more violet....!
  10. I LOVE IT! I'm so excited for you! I saw a Violet IRL today and it's AMAZING! CONGRATS!
  11. Awesome pictures.... Congrats... very rich, dark, color.. love it!
  12. thanks everyone!! it is so much more gorgeous in real life... the color is so vibrant and changes so much just depending on what light you are in. if anyone is on the fence about violet GET IT! trust me you will love it :love:
  13. Congratsss !!!! :yahoo:
    I am waiting for my violet twiggy from AR too!!!!
    I hope it looks as beautiful as yours ;):heart:
  14. Its the brief GSH!
  15. absolutely gorgeous! divine! dont know if theres just one word for it! CONGRATS!!! all these violet unveilings are making me soooo excited for my own violet work!