A Yorkdale sale reveal!

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  1. The sale at the boutique at Yorkdale is finally winding down. It went on for a while after Boxing Week, disappeared for a bit, and then came back! Since it's the last couple of days for the sale, prices have gone from 50% off to $59 and $79 for bags, $29 for wristlets, $49 for wallets, $19 for ponytail scarves, and $9 for charms (Canadian dollars). There is also some jewelry for 50% off. Everything is from past seasons, of course, but there were still some great buys!

    I picked up two bags, a wallet, and a charm. Anyone want to guess what's in the bag?
  2. I cant believe their sale is back on. I wish I wouldve hopped on a plane for this one.
  3. I have no idea but I can't wait to see!! :woohoo:
  4. What could it be?
  5. YES! Lets see it! :drool:
  6. Ooh, how exciting!!!
  7. Sheesh! That beats outlet prices! Show us! Show us! :woohoo:
  8. Here's a better view....
  9. Ooh...nice! Keep going!
  10. :popcorn:
  11. I guess two bags, a wallet and a charm. :wlae:
  12. More more more!! :popcorn:
  13. More please more!!!!:dothewave:
  14. Wow! Now tell me, what are tonight's lottery numbers! :smile:
  15. Here's the patent peace sign charm...one that I've been wanting for a long time.