A year later....still looking....

  1. One of my first posts nearly a year ago was an inquiry about a Cynthia Rowley bag from probably (now) 2-2.5 years ago. It came in black, white, baby girl pink, yellow, & cranberry/purple that I've seen. It was medium sized & had tons of little flap pockets all over it. It was solid leather & a 'handbag' not a 'shoulder bag'. Over the course of a year, every time I've traveled (including NYC 2x) I've checked all the Marshalls, TJs, Off Fifth, Filene's Basement, Loehmanns & anywhere else that might have a past season bag. No luck, still! Black or white is what I really want; haven't seen a white on eBay since last summer & the black got away from me several weeks ago!:cursing: So, I was wondering if anyone had seen this bag ANYWHERE or had any other suggestions as to where I might locate it? I also called the boutique in NYC & had no luck. Thanks in advance, girls!
  2. do you know what the bag is called? or can you post a picture of it ?
  3. I believe it was the 'motorcycle' bag. I know thats kind of generic; I remember noticing that on the eBay description. I have a friend who received it as a gift, which is where I first laid eyes on it. I've offered her upt to $500 but she won't part with it. Unfortuntately, I don't have a pic (I've been ALL over the web trying to find one), just my vague description. :confused1: Thanks for trying to help, though!
  4. No, I had not but I just did after reading your response! Thanks for the info; I was not familiar with that site! Hopefully something will come of it!:smile:
  5. Fingers crossed for you! I remember reading your post and can't believe how time has flown!
  6. Off 5th always has lots of last seasons' Cynthia Rowley. Check them out!
  7. I'll tell you what.......Cynthia Rowley has not been mentioned on this board for a while. I don't know why....she is awesome....As a matter of fact, I just changed out my bag for her today. We need to talk more and more of Cynthia Rowley.

  8. Me either!! And I can't believe I still haven't found it! I'm all for the 'thrill of the chase', but this is ridiculous!:p

    Thanks also for the tip about Off Fifth. I have one near my house, (where I saw the baby pink one over a year ago) & check religiously but they only seem to have the newer ones. :sad: