A Year Late, but OH WELL ; )

  1. While cruising around eBay on Sunday, I fell over this Gorgeous Electric Blue Megan :nuts:

    The photos were good, the seller had been established for quite awhile, there was the $2000.00 Buyer protection and a full refund for Authenticity issues offered, so I hit the "Buy it Now" button :wtf:

    My EB Megan arrived today and I :heart: it :yahoo:

    I waited too long last year in hopes of grabbing an Electric Blue Mahala on sale and then the color was carried over to the Fall/Winter 2007 season, but sold out, so I figured it was not meant to be :crybaby:

    But here she is :choochoo:

    The Megan is a really cool style that did not seem to get much attention. I am not really sure why:shrugs: but I am really happy :wlae:
    megan1.jpg megan2.jpg megan3.jpg megan4.jpg megan5.jpg
  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Luv that color!:yahoo:


    BTW The Megan looks HUGE!
    If you would take some pictures of it next to the RED RIKKI for size comparision!

    Congrates once again!
  3. Robyn, you already know how I feel about anything ELECTRIC BLUE! I love it:love: and I am so happy that you got it. Would you say the size is closer to a mahala or a maddy?
  4. Robyn - love your new bag. I tried this on at the boutique last year and was soooo close to buying but had my heart set on a Mahala. I thought it was a great shape. Congrats!
  5. I am so glad you love your Megan. I really like a duffle style bag. Have you moved in yet?
  6. congrats! Love the color. Perfect for spring.
  7. good things come to those who wait!!!

    i love it! congratulations!!
  8. Stunning Robyn :nuts:, congrats!!!!
  9. Thank you All ~ YYZ, mare76, lionlaw, Jburgh, starbuxx & ILuvMyHusband :smooch:

    mare76 I do love the shape and it is much closer to the size of the Mahala (if not a bit bigger) because of the duffel option.

    Jburgh, I have already moved into the bag and if you look closely at the photos, you can see the bag is full of my junk :blush:

    ITA Starbuxx I also had the opportunity to grab one last April during the 30% off sale at Nordies, but I too was holding out for a Mahala and when I found out the Mahala was not part of the sale, the Megan was gone.
  10. Robyn, you got a great bag. The EB by Jimmy Choo is absolutely fantastic. I always get compliments whenever I carry my EB Mahala. Enjoy!
  11. oooohhhh....nice!!! congrats!
  12. Your junk...pillows...it all looks the same without my x-ray glasses, silly girl! ;)
  13. ooooohhhhhhh!!! soooooo puuuuuurty!!! congrats! proof positive that there is something to be said for waiting patiently versus instant gratification! :drool:
  14. Wow wow weee wow ! that color it HOTTT! Congrats! I love a happy ending
  15. What a beauty, Robyn! :nuts: Congrats!!!:tup: