A year hiatus, and then the URGE comes back...

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  1. It's hard to believe, but I have been on a B-bag hiatus for over a year now... :shame: Between buying our first home and preparing for our wedding, handbags were the last thing on my mind :girlsigh: However, I think I may be getting back into the swing of things...bc last night, a sudden URGE came over me........

    I NEED ANOTHER BBAG!!!! :sweatdrop:

    Not just *any* other bbag, but specifically...I am on the hunt for a PLOMB city..... :ninja: Ok...I must confess that I am SO out of the loop, that I don't even know if this color is still available!?? :shrugs: I am almost embarassed to come back after all this time and ask a potentially "stupid" question, but I figured, who better to understand than my PF ladies! :tender:

    It's been a long time...but I'm back for more, Balenciaga!!! :boxing:
  2. the plomb is not available in stores anymore...but you can get a money wallet (i saw them in NM)!

    here's mine to make u drooooool~!!! :graucho:



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  3. :tup: good idea!
    I don't own a plomb, but all the ones I've seen had TDF leather!
    I'm sure you can find one, maybe preowned.
  4. Good luck finding your Plomb City!!!

    Rensky, I'm drooling too!!
  5. All the best in the hunt! Have you had a look at the 08 S/S and F/W colours yet? Maybe there might be smthg you'd love!
  6. Good luck finding your plomb! Your signature says you want a black city too,LOL....welcome back from your bbag hiatus;)

  7. Welcome back LuckyCharm!!:flowers:

    Congrats on your house!! That is definitely worth a hiatus!

    I have tried to put myself pn a hiatus for the last month or two.....
    it's not going too well, have just ordered a Turquoise City :shame:

    These Bbags are just so darn addictive!
  8. Welcome back! I hope you find your Plomb!
  9. Congratulations on your new home, your marriage, and good luck on finding your plomb! You will find one somewhere....just keep looking.
  10. Welcome back! I am too getting the BBag bug and it feels so good!
  11. Good luck and welcome back! Congrats on the house and wedding! I was in the exact same position as you, taking a year off because of buying a house/wedding planning (well, I'm still doing that) and I think taking such long break makes the urge to buy even stronger!
  12. thanks all :heart: :heart: so bummed to hear that I can't find a plomb anywhere... :girlsigh: will have to call my NM SA to do a search :sneaky:...I bet she will be so happy to hear from me...hehehe!!! :rolleyes: :lol: